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8735 Henderson Road
Tampa, FL 33634
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Well Care is a great place to work. I worked for them for over 15 years but unfortunately had to move to an area where they did not have an office. Well Care has great employee benefits, including all the extras such as discount purchasing programs. They definitely take care of their employees.
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WellCare is the most progressive company I have ever had the pleasure of working with/for. They are up to date technologically speaking and are forward thinking when it comes to caring for the employees as well as member's health care. Work-life balance is an important part of the focus and they have re-structured employee options of late with a flex schedule along with remote positions reflecting this new practice that seems to be designed with retention in mind.
I love my work environment and the resources we have to learn additional information. Everyone is friendly and it is a positive work environment constantly going through change. They are always hiring and that is a positive sign as well.