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I have worked at Weis Markets for over a year now and sadly my schedule gets messed up quite a bit but other than that i would say that it is a good work place, the other workers are very friendly but they are not the smartest. Weis is a great place to work for people who are getting back onto their feet or a place for high-school and college kids to work.
Generally a fair place to work for a busy student. Fellow associates are generally good people, and managers are a mix of good and bad; but that comes with the territory in retail. They will be flexible with you in terms of scheduling, and are willing to work with you around your availability. If you have a solid work ethic, and are generally reliable, then they will typically give you no hassle what-so-ever. Opportunities to advance are limited at first (as a new hired, part-timer) which can be frustrating to a cash-strapped student, but if you have some patience and show determination and drive, they will give you the opportunity to move up. The pay isn't excellent, especially in my area where rent is outrageously expensive, and a part-time job here is not enough to live on. But if you work up to full-time, pay and benefits increase exponentially, and if nothing else, is a good job to have on your resume to pursue higher salaries elsewhere either in retail or other industries.
Managers do whatever they can to make work enjoyable. However, customers are terribly rude. Water is also not permitted at the register with you even during an 8 hour work day even though managers keep coffees and other beverages with them throughout the day.
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I have enjoyed working at Weis. The company does a very good job of making their employees comfortable in their jobs and well prepared as well.
As a first job the company is tolerable. There is movement within departments that allows for raises and skills gained. Hours are variable and depend directly on sales throughout the year. If you are not dependent on an income for yourself then paychecks will be okay. Management needs work and decisions within upper roles needs assistant. Communication is not open and conflicted.
During my time at Weis Markets, I developed strong managerial skills because management was always interested in teaching you new things and seeing you develop in your position. Although this was great, my promotion into a manager position did not come at the same compensation/pay increase as others in the same position with the same qualifications as myself. Regardless, the company seemed to draw in people with great qualities and strives to create a workplace where you feel like you are part of a family. I miss the people I worked with every day since I’ve been gone!
Weis is a easy place to work and a good first job, but the opportunity for growth isn't there and the company seems more focused on keeping their profit then securing the things employees need to do their job to the fullest.
Since I started working at the Dover location I quickly noticed a few things. You get two days or less of training, the pay is better than average, the hours suck, and it takes a long time to advance. They also don’t help with college.
I enjoy working at Weis markets because of the flexible work hours, the friendly employees, and the location. It is also a convenient place to work because of the fact that I can shop there as well.
I loved the people I work with. They encourage a healthy competition to do better and reach goals. I would change the amount of coverage needed on certain days. Maybe ask each store individually what days need more coverage because using technology to predict the day to day coverage based on previous years doesn't always match up with the needs the following year. Being able to advance faster would also be nice. Having a yearly review on strengths and area the need work is a good way to continue having employees stay on the right path. Plus a small raise is always good initiative to stay with the company longer.
Management is willing to work with you for scheduling and will wait for you to return from college. Downfall cooperate does not care about the employees of the company at all and creates policies that are helpless.
I have been working for this company for the past four years, and it has gone downhill every year. There is very few employees who enjoy being there on a day-to-day basis. the managers put in place do nothing but sit around and twiddle their thumbs. Unless you are someone who kisses up to the managers and supervisors, you will not enjoy your time working for this company.
At Weis Markets I enjoy my time as a cashier there. The customers and my co-workers are extremely nice which makes me feel welcome to my recent job at Weis Markets
The company is very flexible and store managers are always willing to hear you out even if you're the little guy. Co-workers and customers are overall nice. The main downside is that upper management has a lot of initiatives and keep changing expectations frequently, along with store management coming and going almost every quarter.
I enjoyed being around my CoWorkers, they provided like a family like environment for me the 5 years I was there. Some of the things I disliked was after the switch from Food Lion to Weis after the company was bought we never had a steady level of managers it was always someone new. Another thing was when the season slowed down hours got EXTREMELY slow and it was barely time for anyone to work.
Good variety of foods and lovely management staff. Each department is clean and the staff is always helpful and listens to my needs and complaints. They also work well with my schedule.
My experience here was average. I chose Weis because of the convenient location, it was very close to my house. The pay was not bad. However, getting hours was pretty competitive because there were many students. It was easy to change availability and take off is needed.
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Work is work. Weis is not the worst place to work for but certainly not the best. They have flexible hours and are able to rearrange the schedule quite quickly if it does not suit you, but moving up in the company is difficult. Raises are almost non existent, regardless of performance. Overall, I do not regret taking this job as the staff is friendly, and the pay is decent. Most of the review below varies store-to-store.
Working at Weis is a comfortable working environment! Everyone is friendly and everything is well organized. Only think about it is they need self checkouts to make customers go in and out faster, than waiting in lines and only having one express line open is a hassle. Other than that it is a great place to go for a job and earn money and make some new friends everyday!
Not a big fan of working at Weis. The pay is good, I can get off whenever I want and I enjoy my coworkers. Management isn't the greatest- especially because they care more about the customers instead of their employees.
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