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I have been working here for almost 4 years and I have loved every day I have been here. Wegmans is amazing! I often describe it as the Disneyworld of all grocery stores. As a customer and employee, I am treated with respect. They make sure all of their employees are safe and doing well both inside and outside of the workplace. I love the diversity here. There are always new products here that are healthy and delicious. They have "food you feel good about" and that's the honest truth. We can tell you exactly how its made and where its from, which is usually always local. I love working here. The hours, scheduling, pay, time and a half pay, coworkers, relationships, customers, products, and benefits are all wonderful. College students can receive scholarships and keep their job here while enrolled at a college or university that is out of state. I 100% recommend wegmans. It is also in the top 10 fortune 100 best places to work for and many more.
Working for Wegmans has been one of my greatest work experiences. The company believes wholeheartedly that treating there employees well will trickle down to the customers and it shows. At my store, employees are always nice to each other. There is always a smile on their face as they nod at you when you walk by. When the store manager wants to have an employee appreciation day, he allows us free coffee and drinks. On occasion, there will be a buffet of food in the break room and even a car wash here and there.
Wegmans is very flexible with your schedule, and very accommodating to taking time off for extra curricular activities. Most of the time the co-workers are easy to get along with, and overall just good people to work with. Downsides are that the work is not always the greatest. Working a cash register for 5.5 hours is not the most fun thing to do.
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Wegmans is an amazing company that strives to not only provide a great place to work, but to rise above standards and grow an environment focused on its employees and their suggestion and needs, not money. Wegmans is an incredible company that strives to create a positive, family-like environment.
Management did very little to no work with crew members.

I worked here for 4 years and with minimum wage increases new employees coming in, while I had been there for four years, were making the same wage as I was. They refused to increase my wage although I was doing management activities such as ordering product and editing schedules.
Overall Wegmans is a great place to work. They are very helpful to college students by offering flexible hours and also have a scholarship program for employees. One thing I would like to see improve is the communication between people in certain departments. Sometimes information does not get relayed to everyone on the team which makes things difficult because we are not all on the same page. But I know leadership tries to listen to employees and take steps to improve. Overall it is a great place to work.
Ive been working at this store in crofton maryland since it opened in 2012. I would say it has gone through many changes. Ive seen alot of people come and go. I have moved around alot but where Im working currently is holding me down but i would like to move on very soon. The bosses and management is ok and if a nice easy job is what a person is looking for then working here would be a really good job.
-Underpaid (9 years, $12.75/hr -- NYS's Fast Food Minimum Wage)
-Lack of support from upper management
-Frequent verbal abuse via customers -- occasional fights
-Nepotism & Favoritism
-Difficulty advancing or cross-training
-Employee well-being/welfare only a concern when the situation is dire
-Excellent medical benefits for PT & FT
-Visual & Dental available to FT; PT out of luck
-Employee Appreciation days provide free food
-Employee health fairs help provide a free yearly check-up
-Two pairs of shoes/year at no cost (this has varied over 9 years - was one pair for a while in the middle)
-2-3 shirts provided at no cost, with a trade-in program for replacements at no cost.
-Co-workers are like family, but it does not feel like the company actually cares about the worker bees
-Lots of talking behind peoples' backs
-Full Time do not get to choose location (Rochester Region)
-Frequent scheduling outside availability
-Difficult for employees to be fired
I have been working with Wegmans for over 5 years and I love it. The employees from every department are so friendly and are always willing to help. The hours are very flexible which is great for when I'm taking classes.
I have been a front end employee for about five months in the Rochester, NY division. Overall, the managers are nice; they seem to care about how their employees are doing at and outside of work. But, of course, like in all businesses, there are a couple of bad apples. The higher-up managers and the HR team members do a very good job though; when I was facing sexual harassment in the workplace they took care of the problem quickly and efficiently. The employees are mostly nice to each other; up at the front end when there is a lull in the action many colleagues are striking up conversation with one-another. What they say about Wegmans employees being a family is entirely true; we advocate for each other, cover for each other, and integrate people of different ages, genders, and other characteristics into working teams. Though being a cashier is a very demanding and fast-pased position, Wegmans has made me enjoy coming to work almost every shift.
I love the friendly service, the involvement of employees. The managers care about their employees, the informational meetings, and the constant checking of our progress, comfort, and understanding of new policies. The famous Wegmans family takes time to visit all of their stores and check on their workers. Wegmans follows the work rules, and we take safety and incredible customer service to another level. Not a day goes by that I do not appreciate my co workers, managers, and workplace.
Wegmans is a great place to work for students, both high school and beyond, that offers lots of experiences and financial assistance for college. Everyone is kind, thoughtful, and genuine and the work environment truly feels like home.
I really enjoy the environment and expectations of the company. Employees are taken care of at Wegmans, with safety tools and paid training, free wellness checks, and an open door policy if there are any problems an employee may have. Everyone is kind and supportive, with high expectations for great customer service!
I love the layout of Wegmans and the friendly people. It's always a place to go that I feel comfortable and relaxed. Thanks Wegmans!
I work in the Fairfax branch, it's probably very different from most Wegmans.
It offers very good pay, training, and pretty flexible with scheduling. The only issue I have is with the benefits, workplace culture, and the management. To start, benefits are very close to nothing. You get coupons and they give "Worker coupons" every now and then but they usually aren't much. It's unfortunate as places like Earth Fare, Harris Teeter and other grocery stores actually give their workers discounts as they deserve, but Wegmans is much more stingy. Then, the workplace culture and management can be very judgmental and clique-ish. Co-workers can be pretty cocky and obviously judge you, but as long as you just remember work is work not a place for you to make friends then you're good. I'm rating it very good because they are very flexible as they allow call-outs and pretty good requests off's and I understand not many workplaces allow that, but they act very rude and aggressive about them.
This is a great company to work for. The pay is reasonable. I like most of the people I work with. Managers want you to expand your knowledge and move up.
Coworkers are great! They are happy to be there and help each other out. Management is understanding and addresses time off requests promptly.
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Wegmans is a great place for career growth and opportunity. There are multitudes of different departments that are exciting and fun to work in. Management is caring, professional, and motivated. Conworker are true family who makes the work environment relaxed, exciting, and fun. Benefits and compensation are exceptional. Wegmans is very flexible and understanding with their employees schedules. I have been working at wegmans for over 5 years to help me get through college
I started with Wegman's after my career working for a competitor. My first impressions walking into one of their stores was an overwhelming feel of feeling welcomed with the smile on everyones face. Also working for them I learned about how much care they put into their employee's making sure they are in fact set up for success. I love what I do and not a lot of people can say that in the retail world.
I started as a cashier in 2017 and have since transferred to the Pharmacy department. I have been able to maintain my 4.0 GPA while participating in various sports, extracurriculars and working 15 hours a week in the pharmacy. Wegmans is very flexible with students schedules and very lenient when it comes down to a last minute schedule change! Wegmans has already told me that my job will be secured while I am away at college and I will be able to come into work when I am on school breaks. I highly recommend Wegmans as a place to work in high school!
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