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2700 Wayne Memorial Dr
Goldsboro, NC 27534
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Wayne Memorial Hospital Reviews

3 reviews
This hospital tries their best to make their employees feel valued and appreciated. There have recently been a lot of upgrades to the facility, supplies is available for the continued care of our patients, and the staff are held at a high level of accountability. I have been with this company for almost 4 years. We are offered a wide variety of health care benefit options at a very reasonably low price or for free. we receive PTO every paycheck and are offered critical needs pay for extra hours worked. If it is your wish to become a nurse and you are accepted into a nursing program you can utilize their stipend program to attend school. The hospital will pay you a percentage of your wages while you attend school in return for you working for them for 2 years after you graduate, which is what i am doing now.
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The quality of care given to patients and the staff is very compassionate, respectful, and going above and beyond their duties to provide the best care for their patients.
I like the happiness there is almost all the time and the teamwork. I would like to see more diversity and more programs that helps with going back to school.