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I love working for Wayfair they really care about taking care of employees. There are some minor downfalls. One is there is constant change and this can be jarring at times because changes have been very large at times. Others are small adjustments that have over time proved wonderful.

They offer a wonderful parental leave policy and their work at home program is incredible. The only other thing I can think of is it is very hard to advance in position in a way that is not management. I have no interest in management so it has been a hard road for advancement.
Well my experience with this company was very good, the C.S. reps where very knowledge about the products posted online, and help the process of place the order from start to finish.
I love this job! It pays well, the managers are amazing, and they have great benefits! Even working part time, you are still taken care of. I have never been in customer service before, all my jobs have been super busy and you walk around a lot, so sitting for long periods of time is kind of hard for me, but it is a very rewarding job! Highly recommended.
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I love working for Wayfair. The company itself cares about their employees. The provide great benefits and resources to continuing progressing with the company.
Great place to work and a very welcoming atmosphere. youll work hard but make sure youre on time. Punctuality is everything with wayfair. I would go back if i could.
Wayfair treats their employees like gold. I love my job! The benefits are great, and the culture is amazing! I would recommend this job to anyone who is looking for a great opportunity
Fast paced, growing quickly, with tons of opportunity for personal growth and at-scale impact. Leadership sets aggressive goals while at the same time making an effort to push the decisions down into the hands of those that have the best context.
Excellent culture and work life balance. Growth opportunity and lateral movement amongst groups is encouraged to maintain employee engagement and keep the best individuals on the Wayfair team.
I have worked here for 10 months and received 2 promotions.
The work environment is very friendly and employees are very helpful.
If you let your manager know what area you want to move into they will help you prepare and give you recommendations for promotions.

The advancements can be offered sooner.
I love it so far! Amazing people, amazing environment, The job is easy but rewarding. This company is always here for you and will make sure you are taken care of. Ever day that I go to work I feel like I am with my second family. I have never been around so many amazing and caring people. The customers can be really amazing and cheap furniture is always cool.
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