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9050 Friars Rd
San Diego, CA 92108

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3 reviews
I have been here for two years and throughout these years it has been an amazing experience. It's amazing to work for a company that is so diverse and fluid. While it is a company that constantly looks to adapt to its customers it also focuses on its employees by ensuring they are content and where they want to be throughout the company, and if not, there is no lack of opportunities that are offered to help train, and kick start getting you where you want to be. Overall, Wawanesa has been one of the greatest companies I have worked for in which they still push competitive drive throughout the insurance industry while not losing the vision of caring for their employees.
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Wawanesa is a great insurance company. Management really takes time to engage with their employees and they make it easy to talk to anyone at any level. The call center environment makes the day fly by and you are always learning new things. There are a lot of changes due to the insurance industry but it is easy to adapt to them.
Management is terrible and the department is unorganized. However the people under management was perfect. We worked well as a team and communicated efficiently with one and another. Wawanesa preaches how they have this open door policy and how employees can go talk whenever needed but its hard to do that when communication between the team and management is not on the same page. We suggest things and they just brush it off. Multiple team members spoke to supervisors about the workplace concerns and it was just ignored every time. I refused to work for a company that does not like to take input from staff to better the workplace. I would not recommend working for this company.