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Wawa is a company that truly values its employees. They offer 401k, stock options, health insurance, PTO, and more. The culture at the company is one that I've never experienced at another company. As an employee, it is understood that everyone on your team will be there for you and are consistently going above and beyond to serve the community and fellow team members.
It's good for a part time job! They have a good tuition reimbursement program for business related college courses. I do it on the weekends while I work a regular 9-5. The pay for an associate isn't enough to make a living but it's food for a student or something part time.
Wawa is a great company to work for. They offer plenty of benefits with stable pay. Since Wawa is a fast-paced business, you can develop many skills such as the ability to multi-task. Wawa also offers many opportunities for those looking to expand their horizons by offering career positions.
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Wawa offers great pay and a flexible schedule that works with my class schedule. They have treated me right by recognizing my hard work and offering me various opportunities for growth and improvement. The pay rate is great, the benefits are excellent, and it also has an employee stock program. Wawa offers tuition reimbursement for employees attending college, free coffee/soft drinks, a paid lunch break, an employee wellness program, and discounts on food and beverages. One detail I would like to see change is the accountability process. It seems a little "pick and choose" when it comes to holding employees accountable.
Wawa was great for making side money during my senior year of high school. It's near me, it's not a sweat shop, and you constantly get free food and drinks. I would like to see the pay go up, even if it is just a couple dollars because, as time went on, I saw how exhausting the job can really by (emotionally and physically). Us Wawa associates handle a lot at once, and financial acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated.
Overall, a great place to work. Flexible hours, great for a college student. The only problem I've found at my particular Wawa is an excess of call-outs by co-workers, with the call-out policy not being enforced.
Wawa is a great company to work for. All you have to do is be personable, welcoming, and understanding. It's all about the customer and seeing eye to eye. The pay is good and as long as you talk to your managers they can work with your schedule. There's no problem asking for more shifts but finding someone to cover for you can be challenging at times. Most times it's busy and a bit stressful but nothing too bad. Also in terms of benefits they offer many services but I do not personally partake in any of them. Overall a good experience.
I would like to see employment become a little bit more understanding of family situations as well as improve paid time off/ sick leave. Great discount on food!
I love how every day is something a little different. You never know how the day is going to go. I love being able to brighten people’s day, as well as working with so many people I call my Wawa Family.
What I love most about working at wawa is my co workers. Without them, working at wawa would be super boring. They keep me smiling and whenever I am having a bad day they known how to turn it around. The only thing I really dislike about my job is the hours I work. Sometimes they have me work until 10 pm which I don't really mind, but when they have me working until 12 am that really bugs me. It is hard to get a good sleeping schedule when my hours are all over the place!
My experience was amazing! They worked with me as long as you use communication skills. They truly care about the employees. Work hard and as a team and the day will go smooth. I miss my job at wawa so much
My experience has been great working for Wawa they are flexible and let me keep my job so when I am back from school/breaks I am able to work. They willingly put me back on the schedule so I get 40 hours a week.
I love the friendliness and the clean workplace environment. Pay scale is completely fair seeing as how they start compensation at $10/hr. Very understanding with sudden or spur of the moment emergencies and also flexible around certain situations that would otherwise require a negative action.
Wawa offers weekly pay, benefits, and flexible hours that benefits those who are looking to secure financial stability or make a career within the company. The only thing I would want changed is the employee discount or perhaps free meal for the shift you work.
It's very friendly and judge free. The workers all help each other out and communicate very well. The environment of the workplace is very safe and very clean. If one of the wokers or customers were to get upset, all of the workers handle it very professionally. There is litte problem caused.
I love my job and what I do. I love having to put my customer service skill to use everytime I am there. The people are friendly and the management is awesome. I now I can move up easily in the company if I wanted to but I love just being more interactive with the customers. They help the day go by faster and keep a smile on my face. I was always meant to do customer service and I was meant to excel.
Wawa is a really great company to work for. Unfortunately, good management mostly depends on your location, I give 3 stars because of this. The benefits are amazing though. And they are very flexible with your schedule. It's also a company that you can work for in multiple locations with ease. If you move a lot, it's easier to transfer to another store.
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My experience at Wawa has been a very good one. The employees are friendly and the management is well trained. Overall, it seems like everyone knows what they're doing, which makes the job much easier and bearable. To be honest, I feel like there is nothing worth changing, except sometimes getting a day off can be kind of challenging. I'd just like to see it be easier to get a day off.
Wawa genuinely cares not only about their customers but for their employees as well. Associates are appreciated and receive appreciation and a raise when they are deserved. While most Wawa's have a high volume of customers, employees are trained well and are able to deal with major store rushes relatively well.
Wawa has great benefits and work culture! The associates really care about everyone in the store and in corporate.
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