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very good company, great benefits, there is always work to do! the hours are long, but the pay is good. usually you get a free shirt or 2 a year and free work boots once a year. uniforms are provided.
To start with, the obvious: The pay and benefits are decent compared to multiple other potential employers at entry level. The job stability is high, as you'll never hurt for opportunities to bring home a paycheck.

That said, the training is near non-existent. New hires are frequently thrown into the job with very little guidance in the administrative setting, including supervisors and managers who desperately need it most. The company not only does this, but often insists on pushing individuals into covering two separate jobs if they are promoted out of one, as the old position is never filled.

There are certainly worse employers to work for, but my time in management has turned me off to the company to a great degree. The support network just isn't there, yet they pile more and more responsibility on to eat into your person life. Typical corporate America.
I enjoy working here, great company great benefits . Supervisor is very helpful, the environment is positive. Room for growth and advancement is possible, if you work for it
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The company does a very thorough job in training drivers. There is a week program each driver must complete once selected as a candidate. They have great benefits and great programs for employees. Their biggest problem is management. The recycling center in Miami is run terribly. The manager was grandfathered in and has a clear preference for loyalty over quality work. Workplace policies were bent to his will and any complaints against him would be downplayed by regional management by the time it got to corporate. I would advise against working at that location as there is a lot of favoritism, unfairness in schedules, and the workload isn't shared evenly between drivers. Drivers that the manager likes get a more laid back schedule and everyone else is stuck with picking up their slack.
I like the work I do, the hours are flexible and the other employees are really nice. I am learning a lot and they have the patience to teach me as this is my first office position. There are different growth opportunities especially if you are willing to move.
I started this job as a temp simply because it was available and fell in love. It is super fast paced so it makes the long hours go by more quickly. They offer great starting pay and many opportunities for voluntary overtime. I’ve only been here for 5 months but I’ve been coached on my opportunities to move up in the company since I first started. Hard work definitely pays off here
This is the best place I have ever worked at. They treat their employees marvelously and the work is easy.
I love the flexibility of my job. I do not have to go into the office but work from my car and house. WM has very much of a work hard, play hard mentality.
Great company to work for. Easy to move up in the company. I have worked in many different positions and pros outweigh the cons in all. Great benefits. The closer you work with trash, the more secure the job.
Waste Management has been a great company to work at for over 4 years now. They have good benefits along with matching 401K contributions and employee stock purchasing program.
This is a great place to work and grow in the work place. Fortunately there is something for everyone! The company has so much to offer in terms of professional development and change. There are multiple opportunities to stand out and be a leader in your role at WM.
I love the opportunity for growth within the company. I would like to see more telecommuting and flexibility to work from home.
I like being a part of the recycling industry. I have the opportunity to learn about the expanding diversion efforts. I have been able to gain extensive knowledge about the collection and processing of recycled materials from both your home and your business.
Waste Management is a great place for growth. Working for operations and then for dispatch helped me understand how much effort managements puts into their employees to help them be better at what they do. Not only do the employees grow, but the company as well. There are many positions one can do in this great company. Trash will never stop, so work will always be work!
the company gives you a lot of room to advance. There is a huge work load and sometimes the pay doesn't seem worth it . I have met really wonderful people here and i have learned a lot of things . I will say if you are a person who can take constant complaining this is for you
Waste Management is economically and environmentally friendly. It is a great feeling to work for a company that prides itself on helping the planet we share.
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