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Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Reviews

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Great benefits great job always will have job security in this field. I work for DSHS in Yakima Washington SOLA region 1. I help people with Disabilities Health and Safety are our number one priority. Qualifications are NAC or NAR. To apply for employment go to WAShington State or visit our office at
DDA/Region 1 SOLA B39-7
PO Box 12500
Yakima Wa
Fax 509 574-5607
WA DSHS values its employees. The benefits are great, the management has been great, and they promote from within. DSHS has shown me that they care about being as efficient as possible, remembering that we are funded by our tax payers. I not only feel like I'm doing a great service, but that my manager and employer appreciate the work that I do.
I love my job. I received such pleasure being able to help the community members in Spokane WA. I like have a union and support from co workers.I also like compensation I receive. My boss is susceptible to questions regarding changes and supports my opionions. I have a great schedule.
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Dependable job, and benefits, other than that, not much else to look forward to here. The administration does not take the work of security guards seriously, it created a hostile work environment between uniformed staff and administration. The union does not have anyone (at the time I was there) to represent the staff at negotiations, which led to us getting 0 pay raise during the CBA renewal. It was very political and you only got places if you stayed on a particular group of people's good side, whether you were qualified for the job or not. There are lots of turn over because people realize they are not treated fairly, and respected here.
This isn't a bad place to work. There are a lot of differences in the workplace and there are options for growth. This environment isn't ideal for someone who needs support to grow. I have flexibility in my job but a lot of people do not have the same experience. There are a lot of people who are not great workers and the company does not fire them. They move them to other areas and it continues to be very frustrating for others. Time off and benefit are great. I enjoy working with my co workers. The team environment could improve if people were a little more positive. The company support healthy work and play balance.
They send you through training and even help you find more clients. They are great. I'mean an individual provider and I have to do training online, at least 12 hours a year. Usually I have to find a site to do the hours, but they have it all set up. It's perfect.
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