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3215 N North Hills Boulevard
Fayetteville, AR 72703
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Washington Regional Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
Great place to work! The pay is fair and the work environment is good. Only bad part is the very few holidays that count as holiday pay, especially if you work night shift. Plus, you are required to work so many holidays. If you have to work, you should be paid holiday pay. Also, frustrating when other departments are not able to staff their floors so you have to float. Good thing is there is opportunity to try different areas in the hospital, after working 18 months in an area. So you can try different areas of nursing.
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Good benefits- 401k matching is awesome. Most employees/ co-workers really seem to care for each other and the patients. Unfortunately, it's usually feast or famine with patient census- either hard to find coverage for vacations, or getting called off for hospital convenience.
Good ER staff - physicians, mid levels, RN's, and techs. From an ED standpoint, they could improve their flow and a frequent complaint from the community is the prolonged length of stay's. a lot of ancillary work gets pushed onto ED staff including transporting patients to Radiology (even though multiple radiology staff are sitting in the holding area), lab draws and requisitions including I-Stat's and Point of care testing. The patient ratio on paper sounds great (was 1:4 when i was there) but that is for all staff including those with the higher acuity and trauma rooms.