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I am contracted through Market Force to monitor and build advertisements for Warner Bros. Any time I have completed assignments for their company they have been organized. Problems I have had for other companies is when I have been sent to build an advertisement there have not been all the parts in the box. When I have put together advertising for Warner Bros the parts were always there everything was always delivered on time. Paperwork was always well written and pay was always reasonable and bonuses were given when assignments were short notice. They are a wonderful company that takes care of their workers even if they on contract.
Great Environment! Everyone is extremely nice and friendly, always looking to meet and help interns!
Working at Warner Bros. provides the perfect place to make your dreams come true. One major perk to working at Warner Bros. is that the opportunities are endless.
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I enjoy working on sets and studio work. It is fast paced. It is a job, however, it feels more like fun rather than work most days.
The unions are cool. I generally don't talk to anyone working lighting or electric. Working with the actors are fun. They always try to keep everyone in good spirits.
Overall I enjoy working here.
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