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the starting staff was great in the beginning but we had a sudden change of management and everything started to go downhill. i enjoy hard labor as well as helping people. what i dislike is that the sudden change in which may have been for the good has created havoc in the workplace. there has been a lot of transfers and quitters as well; leaving us short staffed and stressed out. but in the end i do enjoy the company for the most part
They really accommodate college students and they respect your schedule. If a mistake is made, they make sure to fix it.
Walgreens is a good company to work at, however as a cashier be prepared to stand for long periods of time.
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My experience at Walgreens was awesome. I made 4 years this year working with them. The hours are flexible and they work with my school schedule. The team at my store location really values the employees and customers. The employees at my location are family. We are very close to each other. We are always about Customer service and making sure their needs are met. Overall, Walgreens is a great place to shop and work.
Walgreens is one of the biggest retail stores in America. Working here has given me the opportunity to keep learning and learning.
I really enjoy the Walgreens environment. Although stressful at times, the workplace is somewhere I enjoy being. Along with great coworkers, the perks are wonderful! Overall, I think the company has its workers in mind.
I’ve been with Walgreens for 17 yrs.
Over the past decade it has changed drastically in a downward spiral. The company has cut costs,resulting in stores losing a huge amount of budget hours, wage pays & merit increases .This company changed all of the position titles so that they could pay less to the shift leaders. Now the pay difference between a shift leader & an ASM are huge. Yet the shift leaders do everything an ASM does and even more.
I used to love working for Walgreens. These changes have caused us to lose the best workers, raised the stress & frustration beyond anything normal. This has caused employees to feel like the company doesn’t care about us at all. Even at district level no one seems to care to what the employees have to say, even though there is an open door policy.It is frowned upon when you do speak up about issues. Like being reprimanded by our district manager for spending too much time helping a customer. It is very disheartening.
The benefits that Walgreens offers their employees are great, such as in-store discounts, employee discount days, low-cost visits to the healthcare clinic, and a sense of pride to work for such a big company. Work-life balance really depends on your specific job and how demanding it is, so that gets tricky. Also, when management oversees a lot of people, there’s no personal relationships or connections, again depending on where you work in the company. Compensation does not meet competitors’.
It’s an ok Job pay is good people are friendly depending on your location. Does not really car for call ins even if it’s an emergency.
my overall view of my job is I love our customer service and the customers but the hours are short (part-time) and I have no car so I have to catch two buses to get there just to be paid pennies. My managers are pretty nice but the overall job is not worth slaving for.
I have worked here for over 12 years and I have been able to more than doubled my income. My bosses are amazing and work with me to make sure I can have a flexible schedule so I can follow my academic goals. I make decent money and get plenty of vacation days. The benefits have gotten worse since I've worked here but that has been a trend in most companies in the same time period. Over all, it is a good job that has allowed me to discover my love of caring for people, especially those that struggle with mental issues
Working to improve the lives and health of their patients and customers, Walgreens is an exceptional place to work because they genuinely care.
Working at Walgreens has taught me a lot about the work industry and what its like to work in retail. As my first job, I didn't know what to expect or what I would be required to do. But overtime, I learned very important tips that can apply not only to my job, but to school, and life. These skills range as wide as how to talk to people that are mad, how to talk to bosses and even how to do inventory and stay on op of things. As of now, I enjoy my job at Walgreens because of the pay, the people, and what it has taught me and prepared me for.
I’m happy Walgreens isn’t a huge store so dealing with customers is not as bad. Because Walgreens is a huge drug focused store, many customers expect employees to know the purpose of the drug/product they’re looking for. With the new ID requirement to buy cigarettes, older customers get offended and often yell at the cashier simply for doing their job.
Stressful work envrionment in the phatmacy but co workers are nice unpredictable schedules. Difficult customers in the pharmacy it isn't for everyone. Usually you start in the front of the store and work your way back to the pharmacy overtime.
There are many different opportunities and positions to work in at Walgreens. It is a very flexible job to have while attending school, with night and weekend availability. Also, an option to chose your own availability.
The only draw back about working at Walgreens is having to work on all major holidays.
Worked in the pharmacy at walgreens and can say that the company without a doubt is filled with wonderful people working it but higher ups and corporate greed are destroying the company at its base. The pharmacy prescription system is outdated, inefficient, and constantly crashing and theres been a "promise" of an updated system coming for a long time now. Corporate loves to drop by and try to make us adhere to a "workflow" and will do any cheap tactic to try and maximize their profits rather than improving equipment and software which would help us maximize productivity.
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Walgreens has offered me great training and a great wok environment. I have been given promotion opportunities, while still working towards my degree in college.
I believe Walgreens is an equal and fair company to work with. I do believe they could pay a bit more. Plus some of their rules are extremely twisted and confusing.
I love the atmosphere. It's very welcoming and warm. The staff help one another and are helpful. Flexible and manageable work load.
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