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200 Wilmot Rd
Deerfield, IL 60015
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Walgreens is all about innovating a healthy life. With focus on extraordinary customer care, customers openly give feedback and frequently offer compliments to employees. As an employee, I feel appreciated for what I do, whether it be open the store, help a customer find a product, or clean the bathrooms. Other employees share responsibilities making coming to work something to look forward to.
As a management trainee, I am given e-learnings to teach me greater leadership skills and educate me on the latest health and safety guidelines. Walgreens provides on-the-job training for anyone wanting to move up in the company. The employees I work with have been with the company for many years- also showing employers loyalty and commitment. I look forward to learning and growing into a better leader, and promote healthier living to all those around me!
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Walgreens has given me many opportunities to progress in position. I started at the age of 17 as a co-op student in high school. The pharmacy staff took me under their wings and helped me learn all about pharmacy. I quickly was able to attend pharmacy technician classes to become certified, which Walgreens paid for. I then took the exam and passed! Once I was officially certified I received a raise. After that they wanted to be a Senior Certified pharmacy technician. I was given the job to do the Pharmacy Technician schedule. It can be frustrating but I soon became good at it and try to meet everyone's needs. After testing me on a few things, they decided that I would be perfect as a Senior Certified Technician and then received another raise! My coworkers are partly why I love working at Walgreens so much. We are like family and will do anything for each other. The pharmacy staff have always encouraged my love for school and kept me going in times of struggle.
I enjoyed my time with Walgreens Pharmacy. I started as a designated hitter and worked my way to senior pharmacy technician. Walgreens helped me to take the PTCB exam and become certified. The pharmacist's I worked with were awesome! My store manager was lacking however and it was sad that the district manager or anyone higher up never noticed. He made the work environment less than desirable and all employee moral was down due to it. A few long time, hard workers even quit under his management.