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I did like that the company seems to be trying to go in a new and more modern direction when it comes to management with its frontier program. Giving the workers the ability to direct the change in the store definitely helps with engagement. Things I would like to see change include: more investment in the stores as some stores are in desperate needs of repairs or a touch up and are not granted one due to it being a low-volume store, more accountability at the store manager level as some store managers that I have worked with in the past took advantage of the position to the detriment of everyone else.
First off I would like to say that I have been with the company for 5 years. I started out as a cashier and Walgreens gave me the knowledge I needed to move up into the company. I would say Walgreens is a great company if you are either looking to get basic skills or if you are looking to invest into your future. I appreciate the connection I was able to build throughout me years at Walgreens. I have came across some amazing people who took the item to invest in me. Walgreens have amazing benefits for their employees so this is definitely a company that invest and care for their employees.
The first 12 years I worked here were great. The company seemed to care about its employees. Now however it is all about numbers and they do not care how overworked and understaffed you are. Dangerous for a pharmacy.
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I enjoy working with my coworkers however we all wish there were more hours between us. Our location is always busy so it'd be nice to have an extra hand on occasion
Working with Walgreens allowed me to improve my customer service and management skills and I met a lot of wonderful people along the way. Being with this company has inspired me to go back to school to learn about Pharmacy and get a licence for Pharmacy Tech. It is a challenging environment but I hope they will continue to grow in terms of their pharmacy department.
Walgreen's engages employees to band together providing excellent service to everyone. By establishing a mutual goal for all faculty, pharmacy & non-pharmacy, we work together in order to provide better care. Education is encouraged, and employee benefits are excellent. A new app launched this year for employees that increased flexibility. I adore this company, and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else while taking classes & working. The app not only benefits me, but the company, allowing a more on-demand centralized system ensuring all shifts are covered. From experience as a CPht, I know staffing is crucial in preventing errors and providing care. It allows the Pharmacist more time to consult on new drugs and to reach out one-on-one with MTM. Save a trip refill is priceless (literally). Medications can become out of sync with insurance, and puts you at risk. The program utilizes technology to it's advantage to synchronize refills quickly so they can be picked up simultaneously.
The insurance is amazing. I am Transgender and the insurance has covered all my unique care needs. They also provide paid leave for medical procedures. I could change the culture of money first. Patients care is not as important as pushing unwanted stuff like immunizations or auto refills or 90 day supply of medications.
It's a great first job. I learned a lot and was able to obtain life skills that have helped me in my day to day life. The one thing that I would change is that people's voices actually need to be heard; everyone has different ideas on how things can be done.
I work here as of right now. I like my supervisor and the staff in the pharamacy but the main front store management is kind of bad. The other employees do not really like their jobs but it is what it is I guess.
Management needs to implement and improve upon their practices and develop a better business strategy in order to retain and attract talented employees
Employees and staff are nice. Great location! Walgreens need to make known the benefits that they have. Many employees are unaware.
I love working there pay is bad but the company and coworkers are great. I most like the fact that I can help the customer. Although there is no room for advance in the company. But I wouldn't change my job
stressful environment, with not much help in pharmacy. our budget hours keep getting cut. we have to work with minimal employees.
I like the company, I just feel like their training could be a little bit more organized and precise.
Care more about your employees at the store level and stop cutting budget/bonuses. We work very hard for this company and are greatly affected by cuts from the higher-ups.
Overall, Walgreens Boots Alliance is a good place to work for those without any other job skills. They take safety seriously and pay well compared to most retail establishments. I would like to see them increase budget hours.
Corporate is very detached from store employees and do not know what it actually takes to run a pharmacy. All they care about is meeting metrics.
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I have worked for Walgreens for 5 years now. In the beginning, I was a very big advocate for the company. I didn't even think twice about exceeding the goals that were set by Walgreens. I began to notice how drastically the company as changed. This occurred as I moved my way up from a cashier to a pharmacy technician. Walgreens started to care less about their staff and more about profits. The company bases future profits on customer receipt survives. This in turn leaves management fearful of their jobs if they don't meet the metrics set by the company.
I enjoyed working here the coworkers were great and everyone got along for the most part. They had flexible hours and respected my availability which was much appreciated.
I have worked with Walgreens since i was a sophomore in high school. i was a two sport athlete, so i have always had a bust schedule. my managers were able to schedule around that. I was able to start work at 6:30 and just pick up a couple hours here and there to make some gas money.
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