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I like all my customers and finding solutions to situations that arise. I would like manages to use active listening more, give more hours, and more respect.
I like working for walmart. its a family friendly workplace. It is fun and fast paced. if you have a need , they are able to accommodate you. The management will help you and stand by you if you have a problem with a tough customer.
I like that they actually care about you, and are willing to help you in anyway no matter if its your school or just everyday life.
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They hire you and then they fire you. The pay was decent, but that was about it. Customer Service Supervisors do not provide support to cashiers, always siding with the customers even though they are clearly in the wrong.
It is okay don't get me wrong but workers are overworked some managers bullies. But it is a good place wish they gave workers something else than stale donuts.
There is a massive lack of communication both among management. Scheduling errors for several employees are extremely frequent despite having consistent concrete availability documents. The job itself isn't bad; however, the frequent mistakes made by higher ups make it very frustrating.
Well work at walmart has truly been a learning experience . I would have gone more for Publix . It is stressful at times and we all need more training , the manager need more training.
Management at the time was not very good since have gotten a new better and seems to be a better place to work. Overall a good starting job for the area, but they did not want to keep people for very long at the time.
Company benefits are the best. The managers are very flexible with schedules.Great co-workers and customers.Its a very fast pace working environment.The hours are good. i really enjoy working at Wal-Mart.
Works well with scheduling! Great pay, above minimum wage! Great advantages to move up in the company! Love the people!
Horrible, just horrible it is essentially like high school. There is the popular kids and the unpopular kids. If you are with the popular kids you will do fine, however if you are not with the popular kids you will not do fine. Just show up do your job and find another job.
Walmart is a very good company and has just about anything you could think of. they are very clean and the staff is very friendly. Just ask for help and they are there,
I have worked for Walmart for 18 months. The company offer great pay, and benefits. Management is very understanding and willing to work with you.
My experience was awesome. I really enjoyed doing my internship there. Everyone treated me with the upmost respect. I would recommend this Walmart to anyone that visiting the area or considering doing internships there.
They do treat their employees fairly and although it is not the most fancy place to work, I enjoy working for them
Walmart is a great job to start off at. I have been here since I was a freshman in college and I have seen people come and go, but for the most part everyone’s positions here seem to be stable. The only time that would be questionable is if someone at corporate decided to make a change, but it really doesn’t effect my position too bad.
The pay is better then most but upper management is less concerned about their employees then they are about making a few more bucks
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Walmart is a wonderful company to work for when the policy is being followed and when you have a great leader/store manager. It doesn’t take long to work your way up in the company and the starting pay is great. However, if management does not have your back everything else falls. I love my job but sometimes the management at my store can be disrespectful and that reflects how I work. If they have an attitude of “I don’t care” I’ll show the same.
Everything was made very easy for anyone working. The pay is great for just starting and for the most part everyone is friendly and willing to help.
Walmart is one of the best supermarket for shopping that sells groceries, clothes, hardwares, electronics, etc. It employs many employees varying from walmart associate to management position. It is one the best place to start an an employee when a person is in a school or college. There will not be much stress for a student who is going to college and working at the walmart until it finishes. I am a person with a refugee background where I had to spent eighteen years in a refugee camp in eastern part of Nepal. I was not able to find a better pay job before I move into my goals and finish my studies. So, I wanted to study Nursing so I can change my job where I can make a living easy.
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