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I personally really enjoy the work I do for this company and the excitement of vying for walks. With that being said, there are major operational functions that need to be improved upon in the app itself. The whole idea of "on-demand" pet care is genius, but the execution of this particular company, needs improvement- which I understand comes with age, as this is a fairly new company. Although we are technically contractors and not actual employees, there needs to be more support on the back end of the operation. Communication between the company, employees and customers can also be greatly improved upon.
I love seeing dog every day and i love how easy it is to pick up a job and the job it's self. I wish we wouldn't have a 40% cut off our pay and that we also had a type of insurance for ourselves like the dogs do.
I love Wag!. It's a great way to make some extra money while in school, plus you get paid to hang out with dogs, what's better than that? Customer service for Wag! is always incredibly helpful when something goes wrong, such as a key not working, owner not answering, etc. I can't recommend working for Wag! enough!
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I like working for Wag because it is flexible and I can work as much or as little as I want to, wherever I want to. They have made a solid effort to improve their customer service as well. Being a Wag walker gets easier as you go, as clients start to make you their preferred walker and your rating goes up, so finding walks gets easier.
As an independent dog walker for Wag!, I can see many pros and cons. Working on your own time is great, but there isn't many walks in my area. Jobs are snagged quickly. It's only worth the walk if the client is close. I've had issues with faulty equipment and dogs getting loose. This gig is what you make of it - you have to be prepared for issues.
Wag has been so helpful! The hiring process is easy and very well done. They are with you every step of the way. It is a great place to work
I love the fact that my job consists of walking dogs! I also love the fact that I am to work on my own time. I can choose to walk dogs at what ever time I am available to walk. Wag is constantly improving within the bug fixes in the app and the support line has always been helpful and responsive to me most of the time. I would recommend others to work here as well or to even be a client!
I am a dog-walker through Wag! What I like about it: the flexibility, choosing my own hours as well as what locations I'm willing to go to. And obviously, hanging out with dogs is the best! What I don't like about it: Being an independent contractor, I get no benefits, and we have to file our own taxes. It's nice as a side-gig, but would not recommend for a main job.
I work as a dog walker, it is great because I work when I have free time from studying. I love the idea of it, but I just wish more people in my area had Wag!.
It's great having the flexibility of creating your own schedule and meeting new puppers to love on is just an added.... berk!
I love walking the dogs. However, they take too much money from you. A $14 walk charged to the customer only makes the walker about $8.
I have had a great experience as a student finding part-time work with Wag! The thing I would like to change is the ability to contact the corporate office to answer questions. Also more benefits. Overall I enjoy this job.
Wag! is awesome. As a dog lover who is currently a full-time college student, I am able to make money while enjoying the company of dogs!
Wags is a great and fun way to make money on your own time! Only downfall is how much money they take from you as a walker. They put in barely of the work meanwhile your walking the dog and everything. You only keep 60%!
The tech side of things could be better/ better communication with walkers would be great. I think the pay could be better for last minute walkers but other than that is awesome to have extra cash in my pocket from getting to pet puppies!
I love how easy Wag makes it to do walks and how interactive an experience is with customers. They really do want to make sure their customer is involved in the process and isn't feeling left out of a part of their dog's life. My one complaint and why I'm giving only four stars is that the customer service for walkers could be improved. I called for a simple problem and had to talk to three separate people for it, which is pretty ridiculous.
I am able to walk dogs on my schedule. I am able to walk in between classes or on my way home from school. It is very convenient. The pay is pretty good too but it depends on how many walks you do.
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It is a very convenient and fun way to make money if you have a passion for dogs and working with animals. It is very user friendly and you get constant requests for people who just need help with walking their dog that day. It is stress free and I love it!
I liked working with animals. Management wasn't very prompt with their response time when trying to contact them about a client. They didn't care about your safety if there was an aggressive dog.
I absolutely love working for Wag! Not only do I get to choose my hours, but I get to walk and play with so many lovely pups, for money! Another bonus is the excersize and fresh air I get from walking the dogs! All around great, flexible, enjoyable job!
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