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I work at a fast paced food food restaurant. The place were I work is very friendly and every body knows everybody kinda place.The cooks can work there way up to three differnt levels of pay rates the have a grill master ,a rockstar chef and the ultimate grill master.
I have worked at Waffle House off and on for 11 years. My mother was a Waffle House server for nearly 20 years. I grew up at the low-bar, spent many holidays, birthdays and summer vacations there. I never felt, when i was growing up, that i missed out on anything by being there so often. I had family there. The others that worked there with my mother were always kind and caring and made me feel like i was amongst family. Even now that i am an adult and am working for my own living at Waffle House, i still feel as though i am amongst family. I have a wonderful manager who truly cares for her employees, coworkers that become more like siblings and parents, customers that become beloved. If ever i am in need of a shoulder to lean on, a friend to cry with, or someone to just be a helping hand i can find it in my Waffle House family. It truly is a great place to work.
Great place to work!! I enjoy coming into work everyday and having my management be there ready to hand out tasks for everyone on each shift daily! They are very encouraging at the Russellville Rd location in Bowling Green Kentucky!! They do an awesome job! We strive to give the best customer service we possibly can!!
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It would be great if the managers and upper corporate personnel made the employees feel as if they were wanted, instead of just another body in there to fill a spot. At times, just telling someone, "Hey, good job", or "thanks for covering that shift ", can be just what someone needs to here. Also, they need to learn to promote within, instead of bringing in new people. Some of the staff have been there for 10-15 years and are hard workers.
I only worked their for 4 months but it was not the best. As a hostess I had to seat guests, take down names when it got busy, clean tables, clean bathrooms, mop, clean windows, and sweep inside and outside. And all at minimum wage. At my location they ended up getting shut down because the meat was not held at the right temperature and there was flies everywhere.
The work environment is fast paced and you have the opportunity to make good money with easy hours to work.
I do not enjoy the type of food we serve. The coffee is good, but the service is unpredictable. Cleanliness varies from location to location. In their favor, they are always open.
I have been with the company off and on for over 23 years. They have a family feel to them and most of the employees say they become a family.
Is a good job sometimes. Great for teaching humility. Great starter job. As long as ur on a money shift you will make money. Not for people with bad attitudes until they are trying to work on it. I wouldn't stay here long term unless I'm moving up to management or higher.
I believe serving in a waffle House will change the way you look at the community you live in. Every waffle House is different than the one before. I have worked at a few in Ohio.
I would like to see more than one manager per store since it is a 24hour business. I would suggest a night shift manager
I like the opportunity to cook my own customers orders because honestly I'd rather cook on the line than be a server but the pay isn't as good!
It's been an amazing experience working at Waffle House, the hours are flexible and the pay is good. The schedule works well with my school schedule either from 7am -2pm on first shift or 2pm to 9pm on second shift. It's a restaurant and with different personalities sometimes, there are arguments between coworkers and even customers if the food isn't right. Overall it's a great place to work in if you are a student.
Great management opportunities to learn how to successfully run a business. I gained a lot of people skill knowledge as well
It’s a nice environment. The servers are amazing and they are very respectful. Even when there is a long line it doesn't take long. The staff is always friendly and eager to provide great customer service. We have great customer service at our store that we pride ourselves on. The employees speak as soon as you walk in. They are excited to serve you with a smile. I believe the work that we do inside the establishment is so worth it. I get to know a lot of my customers. Some come back and see me others maybe just passing through town. But all and all I do enjoy my job when I can make the customers happy.
I have been with the company for almost 22 years. I enjoy the work and interaction with customers and co- workers. We have stock options, medical and dental insurance as room for advancement.
I love this place... All the employees talk to me... Encouraging atmosphere to work, hang out and just hear great music on the juke box. I have been apart of this company for 3 yrs. All bills paid, college junior and still there serving and smiling.. Only one change! Can we have Liver Mush at all stores...
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It was a fun first job experiance, helped with what i needed at the time would reccomend to someone to wants to break their social barrier.
Great pay and benefits, no waiting period for benefits. Paid vacation starts after 6mos. for full time employees.
It's a good company if you put the time and effort into meeting customers and getting on a first name basis with them.
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