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5986 Financial Dr
Norcross, GA 30071
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I have worked at Waffle House off and on for 11 years. My mother was a Waffle House server for nearly 20 years. I grew up at the low-bar, spent many holidays, birthdays and summer vacations there. I never felt, when i was growing up, that i missed out on anything by being there so often. I had family there. The others that worked there with my mother were always kind and caring and made me feel like i was amongst family. Even now that i am an adult and am working for my own living at Waffle House, i still feel as though i am amongst family. I have a wonderful manager who truly cares for her employees, coworkers that become more like siblings and parents, customers that become beloved. If ever i am in need of a shoulder to lean on, a friend to cry with, or someone to just be a helping hand i can find it in my Waffle House family. It truly is a great place to work.
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I love this place... All the employees talk to me... Encouraging atmosphere to work, hang out and just hear great music on the juke box. I have been apart of this company for 3 yrs. All bills paid, college junior and still there serving and smiling.. Only one change! Can we have Liver Mush at all stores...
It would be great if the managers and upper corporate personnel made the employees feel as if they were wanted, instead of just another body in there to fill a spot. At times, just telling someone, "Hey, good job", or "thanks for covering that shift ", can be just what someone needs to here. Also, they need to learn to promote within, instead of bringing in new people. Some of the staff have been there for 10-15 years and are hard workers.