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100 Matsonford Rd
Radnor, PA 19087
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VWR Corporation Reviews

1 review
The warehouse I work in is not very organized, and a lot of my coworkers hate it. The pay is base level, and I'm not sure how to get off the bottom and go anywhere.

Regarding benefits, they are there; but you have to opt OUT of them.

It is impossible to get in touch with HR. Every time I try and talk to HR, I'm told to go ask somebody else. This leads me to believe either: 1, HR is defunct, and they ought to be honest about it; or 2, they are hiding something.

As far as paperwork stuff goes, most of it is filtered through a website. This website is pointless. It's needlessly complicated; and when you find what you need, you can only print stuff off. The whole point of a website is to eliminate paperwork, and they've just combined the two into one over-complicated process that makes no sense.

I don't hate the place, but I'm not terribly impressed either. Pay could be higher, and I still can't get over the HR situation or the website. VWR, you really need to improve efficiency.
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