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VOA is a great company and does a lot for the community but working conditions in stores kind of sucks. They have so many beneficial programs that help homeless veterans, we have mission backpack to help kids who need school supplies, and they provide numerous programs to help people get back on their feet, although working at one of their stores can suck like I said, working conditions vary.
The job itself is incredibly rewarding and my coworkers are awesome. There are a few thing that could make the experience better. Upper management, particularly one person is a bit hypocritical and creates an uncomfortable work environment. I believe someone she actually listens to told her and she has been making strides (I think) to make it a better place we’re we can express opinions (she would get really upset and claim she knows better about afield she hasn’t been working in as long as others who try to contribute knowledge) and also ease up on the way she treat one person in the group.
Individual program is great, some of the higher up administration has been difficult with unionizing and financial openness the
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VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA is a good company. IN An overall stand point, it's a great company to be a part of. In my experience, the facility I work for needs better management and better opportunity to better yourself. It could help if everyone was much friendlier. I love doing activites with my Alzheimer's resident. They hold a special place in my heart.
Overall, I enjoy it. I got this job because of my mother. My younger brother has autism gets help from Holding Hands. They told my mother about this place and if she wanted to recommend me to get a job in Vola so I can become a caregiver for my little brother. I help my mother in taking care of my little brother, so it is a fun job by helping my mother out.
VOA is a great way to help your community. It is hard to be a Western Slope Employee when the company is based in Denver, our health insurance is different and not as good because there are less providers and it is hard to get things billed correctly, the pay is very average, and in certain roles it is hard to get promoted. The managers really care about you and take time to make sure you are happy.
What I like about Volunteers of America, is that there are opportunties for employees to move up the economic ladder.
This is a family oriented company but sometimes hard work is unnoticed. The company has a way of making sure you can tend to family and maintain employment. My supervisor is awesome, and my co workers care about me. It’s the coworkers that make coming to work worth it!
I am a server in the restaurant for the residents. I love the interaction and relationships I have developed over the past year.
There have been some days where it was smooth sailing, but other days it was super crazy! Some of the workers there are helpful and understanding but not all of them. But the residents are always fun to be around!
They do great with helping the community & are well knowledge in everything they help with. They are so involved & caring to the different people they help. they have been very welcoming to me when i was new & understanding when weather here in south dakota, gets bad!
I really enjoy working for the company. There are many opportunities to be successful and always room for learning new experiences. It is a great company to work for and I am proud to say I work at VOA.
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