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Vivint Solar is a great opportunity with unlimited income for highly motivated individuals with great people skills. However, it is very difficult and many people do not succeed. The pay for sales is 100% commission.
they are very understanding about your schedule with school, and work with you to get better. Have a great system to get PTO. Depending on the job position it is possible to move up and opportunities to move up are also very available. The only draw backs are that the company is relatively new and still growing. Overall a great company to work in.
The free lunch saves my life. 9/10 in my book. Haven't tried the free gym yet but it seems pretty good. The lower management is really great but it seems like there is a disconnect between higher an lower management. It is a pretty difficult job taking calls about any variety of issues which can be fun until you are really negatively affecting someone's life because you are expected to know too much in too little time. Overall I feel like Vivint has a lot of room for growth but there are some things that make me question if I want to work at a higher level for them.
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great love the job, the best in the world , everyone should love this job. I work for SMT solar panels in Boca Raton. We work with vivint solar and blue raven solar. we talk to customers on the phone about solar panels for their homes if it qualifies , which helps them save more money on the electric which is great who can hate that. I love my job they are very flexible, they have spiffs as well, and you can get commission too.
Very much based on who manages you and your team. Company may have generally good message but it is not close to being guaranteed based on where and which team you decide to work for so choose carefully.
They had me in wrong time zone and and I accumulated tardiness that were not excused. I was told I could be on a final/ the help desk gives inconsistent attitudes and and bad attitudes, they are not always friendly. T4 gives a lot of push back when transferring customer out of scope, escalations does not like to take them, they will trying every trick in the book
It is a great product, but some of the employees are dishonest and mean. I liked the pay, but the hours were extremely long and hard, and made our customers frustrated. There are very high expectations out of you, but if you can live up to them they will pay you a lot of money.
I love working at such motivating and fast-paced company. I have been here for three years and I love the culture and how driven everybody is to make the best of every day.
I loved the work environment at Vivint! They had great perks including many meal options every day. They had a whole system of benefits and reasonable paid time off could be accrued per every hour worked.
This is a job that can come off like a cult, but if you got preservation and faith to see yourself through then success will surely be knocking at your door.
I have an amazing co-workers, great leadership and special supervisors. The supervisor helps you in any situation or in any call. You have the opportunity to grow inside of the company
I really enjoyed my experience with Vivint. As an employee, they offer a wide variety of perks and benefits. They also offer an innovated work environment to build a career. My overall experience was very positive.
The work place environment feels very comfortable to be in, my co workers are a joy to work with and I can always depend on them to help me when in need
They treat their employees so well and have great benefits. You can tell that they value your work and are willing to help you rise within the company if you so desire.
I have worked for Vivint for about two years now. When I first started the pay was amazing and the scheduling was great. Over time technicians would get paid less and would have to spend more time on the job. So, overall we started making little money.
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