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Working on the phones is really hard but Vivint knows that and takes care of it's employees. They have crazy parties and great pay, not mention a free meal with every 8 hours worked. It's a great place to work.
Great compensation for the area. Customer service does take it's toll, but the hours are very flexible. It's a great starting job, but you'll likely need to move elsewhere to move up the ladder.
I did not enjoy my time at vivint. Overall I felt like I was severely underpaid for the things that I had to put up with! I will say that the company does treat you well for the most part, with the ability to earn free food, and the opportunity to advance. I just think that if you enjoy working in a call center it would probably be a great place for you to work, if not I would avoid it.
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It was wonderful. The managers were kind and patient. The wage was modest, and they have their own clinic and gym. Overall, a great environment.
You have the freedom of making your own schedule, being led by leaders who want to help you, and an office environment that encourages succes.
This has been a great company to work for. I am offered a very flexible schedule on a team and in an environment that fosters growth and creativity. It's awesome! The one thing I would change would be an increase in pay, considering the amount of hard work and dedication that is put in each day.
It has been great working at vivint. The work environment is very friendly and management cares for and works with its employees to make sure things are good with them.
I like how they try to make the environment less stressful. I would like to see more money on my paycheck for all the work that I do.
My experience at Vivint was overall good, but did pose some challenges. The supervisors and leaders in this workplace genuinely care about the success for their teams. Sometimes the individual did not always feel cared for though. Pay was great and worth the time, but the work hours often seemed long or tedious.
It’s a lot of phone calls and there is a high roll over rate. This makes it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve seen employees that were really strong, leave because they lost motivation
I work as a technician which is very difficult because I have to be on call everyday. I like doing the hands on work but is is frustrating when equipment doesn't work. It is nice not always having a supervisor around.
It’s not a bad place to work at. You make cool friends the leads and supervisors were super nice and honest with you. Vivint provided food on the weekdays. If you worked cs or monitoring they didn’t provide food on the weekends. The only downside to working there was how bad gossip was and how bad it spreads. People didn’t mind their business and loved being in everybody else’s business.
I love working at Vivint. They have so many opportunities for advancement as long as you work hard. They give you free food and they are very open to time off and other benefits.
As a college student, Vivint was very appealing to me. I was originally attracted to the job opportunity when I heard of college students making great money over summer. I worked as a sales representative during the summer of 2018. While the work was challenging, it was very rewarding. Door to door sales is the best type of sales experience you can get, and Vivint is by far the best door to door company out there. The training is what makes it so excellent. The managers truly want to see you succeed and will do anything it takes to equip you with all the skills you need to be successful.
I spent 4.5 years with this company and had 3 different jobs. Each job prepared me for the next which I'm forever grateful for. I had great mentors, leaders and everyone was very friendly to gain more skills from. The environment was incredibly laid back which eased a lot of stress from "corporate America". I was laid off in June 2018 working as an Recruiting Coordinator for a new initiative Vivint has never done before, Retail. It took a slight turn and our team was no longer needed. Given my experience and value I had to the team, I was disappointed that I didn't have an opportunity to stay. I worked really hard and tried to put myself out there to continue my career and in the end, but I felt like no one was listening to my passionate cries for wanting to stay with the company.
I liked the people who work in the Customer servicing departments. I gained a new respect for troubleshooting and call centers through this job. What I would change about the company is the ability to change my schedule when it was necessary.
What I liked about Vivint is the opportunity to grow at the company. They design the company in such a way that they set you up for success. They literally give you all the skills, tools, and recourses that you need to build an effort door to door team and grow in the company.

Something I would change about the company is having the "big shots" be more involved in there reps lives. Get to know them a little more. But other then that they are a great company to work for.
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Super great place to work and is a great place to help others. It is very rewarding to help people with the home security and to make their home secure. It can be huge tasks to wall people through steps to fix their system but in the end they are always greatful for you help. It is a great work environment and a great team building work place.
I've worked at Vivint almost a year now and truly loved it. The people are hardworking and friendly, the management is constantly looking to improve operations for both customers and employees, and the work we do is fast-paced. You'll never be bored and you'll never feel like what your doing doesn't matter. The environment is casual, but you don't want to get left behind; we move fast around here.
Best job I will ever have! The values align with my own personal morals. I will be here as long as I will be working. I am planning on moving into different areas and experiencing all we have to offer.
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