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Vivint is notorious in Utah for the summer sales job they offer. During their season it’s a very fast paced, go go go, competitive atmosphere. They have some of the top businessmen in the industry at the top of these teams which makes the company as a whole very organized and driven by those who know what it takes to really thrive. As a sales rep I was a top performer and was making a paycheck big enough to make me second guess a degree; but I didn’t. They pay you well & you get paid every Friday for the week prior. The season takes place wherever the market is good so it’s not always convenient if you have a family who needs you at home. Statistics also show that the average age for a sales rep is the 20’s which makes the party life part a huge part of the job. You can’t avoid victories so it goes hand in hand with celebrations which sometimes is a huge downfall to the company with legal issues. The after hours.
I really appreciate Vivint because of all of the good that they are doing. They are doing their best to keep their customers safe and provide products that will improve their lives. I feel comfortable in working for Vivint because of the flexibility I have with them.
Vivint has provided me with great team support and guidance in preparation for being a sales representative this summer.
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Vivint has been a great company to work. I think it was very flexible with my school schedule at Utah State. I have been able to learn a number of skills by working over the phones with customers and in teams.
We wouldn't get that many leads as we should have. Its a good company and offers good products, I just wish they gave us some more leads to work off of.
Do not work here! I worked for Vivint this last summer hoping to save up enough money to pay for my school this year. They lied through their teeth and are not paying me at the payscale level they promised.
Good pay and company. Very toxic and sexist workplace. Almost all door to door reps are men which makes it an extremely tough job to do as a women. Constant sexual harassment. Zero understanding of female specific issues such as safely and health issues. I do feel however that it could have been specific to my manager and my team, there is really no way to know. To be safe however I would encourage any girl looking into Vivint to find the team with the most girls
The company is filled with kind people that want to see you do great things. The first few months offered a decent challenge with having to learn Salesforce. The only downside is that once you get good at the job, you begin to lose your mind because you completely stagnate with your learning and experiences.
If you make the right friends you dont have to work to get promoted. You stick where you land, no upward mobility.
Great place to work. I had the opportunity to work from home. It’s a growing and innovative company in the home security industry. You can move up quickly with the possibility to make more money.
Working on the phones is really hard but Vivint knows that and takes care of it's employees. They have crazy parties and great pay, not mention a free meal with every 8 hours worked. It's a great place to work.
Great compensation for the area. Customer service does take it's toll, but the hours are very flexible. It's a great starting job, but you'll likely need to move elsewhere to move up the ladder.
I did not enjoy my time at vivint. Overall I felt like I was severely underpaid for the things that I had to put up with! I will say that the company does treat you well for the most part, with the ability to earn free food, and the opportunity to advance. I just think that if you enjoy working in a call center it would probably be a great place for you to work, if not I would avoid it.
It was wonderful. The managers were kind and patient. The wage was modest, and they have their own clinic and gym. Overall, a great environment.
You have the freedom of making your own schedule, being led by leaders who want to help you, and an office environment that encourages succes.
This has been a great company to work for. I am offered a very flexible schedule on a team and in an environment that fosters growth and creativity. It's awesome! The one thing I would change would be an increase in pay, considering the amount of hard work and dedication that is put in each day.
It has been great working at vivint. The work environment is very friendly and management cares for and works with its employees to make sure things are good with them.
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I like how they try to make the environment less stressful. I would like to see more money on my paycheck for all the work that I do.
My experience at Vivint was overall good, but did pose some challenges. The supervisors and leaders in this workplace genuinely care about the success for their teams. Sometimes the individual did not always feel cared for though. Pay was great and worth the time, but the work hours often seemed long or tedious.
It’s a lot of phone calls and there is a high roll over rate. This makes it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve seen employees that were really strong, leave because they lost motivation
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