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Overall TVS is a great place to work and the pay is competitive. Most of the upper management is helpful and wants you to succeed. There is a good training program for assitant managers to become store managers and generally plenty of opportunity to move up.
Would not at all recommend working the Atlanta location. Management is terrible. The managers absolutely create a hostile work environment.
Working in an industry that benefits the health and well being of others is extremely rewarding. Working for an industry leader is even more rewarding. Company supports ongoing knowledge based learning. Excellent tools available to continue learning. Collaborative work environment. Strong sense of teamwork. Flexible scheduling allows for work life balance. True open door policy. Company invests in the success of their employees. There is adequate opportunity for advancement if one applies themselves and desires to move up.
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Love working at Vitamin Shoppe, perfect college job and requires you to be healthy and stay on top of your learning.
My experience working at the Vitamin Shoppe was exciting. They hire people with all sorts of different personalities to complement the teams strengths and weaknesses. They work around your schedule and provide great benefits. The one thing I would like to see changed about the company is to allow for conversation from the workers to corporate. Not to allow us to make the big decisions but to allow for open communication to see what strategy is working the best in stores.
I am giving the Vitamin Shoppe 3 stars because they provided a great online training program that helped me to understand a lot about their products and the work was easy and fun. But moving up the ladder regarding your position or pay was very difficult and not very likely. Our district manager could care less about any employee that wasn’t a manager of their store. Show compassion to each and every member of the team to achieve success and lower your turnover rates.
Besides being a fun place to work, comes the satisfaction of helping others. You get taught so much working at this company, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to be apart of it.
My experience working at Vitamin Shoppe has been very informing and pleasant. I am a nursing student, and working at Vitamin Shoppe has helped me learn about hundreds of herbs and supplements, preparing me for my career field. Everyday I help customers with their health and wellness goals, by suggesting herbs and supplements to support healthier, happier lifestyles. As a Key-Holder Manager, I manage the morning, mid-day, and evening shifts in the absence of the Store Manager. Some of my daily tasks include: Opening and closing the store, assigning tasks, preparing samples, receiving shipment, customer service, operating pos system, and tracking stores sales. I would recommend Vitamin Shoppe as an employer, to anyone who is passionate about helping others live healthier lifestyles.
Very professional company to work for and very easy to work with for students. I would like to see more expansion from this company in the future as to their target audience.
I love the fact that I get to interact with customers all day and help them achieve their goals. Nothing makes me happier when I see a returning customer and they tell me how great the product I recommended is working for them.
The Vitamin shop is a great place to get help when looking for natural remedies to help customers with their needs. The environment is friendly and very welcoming and the workers go above and beyond to help.
I appreciate the knowledge that I have learned here, I have learned a lot in regards to supplements and how to live a healthy lifestyle. There are great benefits to working here from dealing with great customers to the discounts on out products.
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