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2440 Camino Ramon Suite 333
San Ramon, CA 94583

About Vitality Bowls

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Vitality Bowls Reviews

3 reviews
I love that this cafe offers healthy and great tasting acai bowls. The staff I've worked with for the most part are friendly and work hard. The main issue I have with this company is that I think it needs to be more easygoing with its customers. I get that the food is expensive, but we aren't even allowed to "swap" ingredients without charging the customer, and often when I tell customers this policy they look at me weird. Management could be better with fixing broken things in the kitchen, replacing blenders, broken containers, replacing old brushes to wash dishes (and a 2 year old broom!)
I can work here 1 or 2 times a week while going to school, and the manager is fine with that. Benefits, we have none of that here. All we have is 50% discount for the food. I would think they could at least give a free meal with every shift.
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At Vitality Bowls, the atmosphere is quite nice. However, some of the workers tend to slack off when the manager isn't around. For example, the kitchen would be left a mess until the night crew comes and cleans it up. The actual job, however, is easier as practically anyone with a functioning brain cell can do it. The employees are nice and the manager does seem to care about her employees. The rules are strict, but I think that is a part of their company policy. Customers are nice, but demanding, and that can get overwhelming. Hours are flexible, which is good.
I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant. Everything is fresh and made with quality. I feel good every time I eat here and as I am putting good into my body. This is my go-to destination for a post workout meal.