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I love the mission they have. They treat the associates (employees) like we matter and they are so giving. They care about making the associates happy to get results on the purpose of our company which is sales. The only thing I would want to change are the vacation hours I wish they gave us vacation, personal, and sick time all separated.
I love the people I work with, however, management is not too great and you end up doing everyone else's job.
You're expected to work well past your scheduled off time, and the managers go out of their way to schedule you 60+ hours between pay periods so you're ineligible for overtime. The work itself is relatively simple and most of my coworkers are wonderful to work with, but the corporate culture is toxic.
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My location is very friendly, the new manager took over and she is an absolute rock star!!! She cares about employees and wants to see people do well at the company. If you say you have aspirations she 100% backs you up. The vision insurance is fantastic - one free pair of high end glasses a year, and 50% off every pair after your free one. You also get an employee discount. Some locations I've heard are not great to work for, but I was in a really good area and our store hit our numbers more than not. The company is customer service oriented, so you can do whatever you have to to make the customer happy.
Working for Visionworks has been a wonderful expierence. They make the job fun and engaging! You're constantly surrounded by wonderful people ready to help you with any problem they can.
I love my job at Visionworks. I have an amazing work environment at my location and the job is very interesting. Never a dull moment!
The only thing I would change would be that the company would be more "patient" focused as opposed to their current "customer" focus. The people walking into our store are patients first, then customers. I also feel that the corporate head should respect our doctors more by getting rid of discounted exams.
Management and retail employees needs to care more about the doctor side of the business. The technicians need more organization and communication between the manager and doctor about how things should be run. We need reliable staff and better wages.
Working at Visionworks has taught me a lot about myself and others. I was able to create friendships that will last a lifetime. I really enjoyed working with the doctor and being able to attain patient care experience. The company still has a lot to work on when it comes to management and better care for their technicians.
I really liked my manager here, she was the one that made this place worth it. Visionworks overall is a good place to work but it could be hard if you didn't have the best manager. I like the insurance and benefits that they offer.
Visionworks is a great work place to learn about the health of the eye, as well in learning sales. Sales of eyeglasses are much difficult than customers can think of but with the great training Visionworks provides it becomes easy. Visionworks also has great paid time off and flexibility with a person's work and life hours.
I’m going to college this Fall and I was desperate for something after my last job fell through. I discovered Visionworks and it was like finding a winning lottery ticket next to a pile of money. I love this place, helping people find their perfect eye ware. Not just for style but being able to see. It’s currently paying my college and every sale I make, I get commission. There is a couple things I would to change though. For starters putting eyeglass repair kit on the front would be nice. Putting a glass door on the entrance because kids play across from out section in the mall and it gets loud. And putting some cameras in would help make sure no one would be stealing. Other than that it’s pretty good job.
My experience working for Visionworks and Dr. Chung has been great. We provide patient care when it comes to vision problems and it’s nice to see the patients leave happily with better eye sight and a smile on their face.
The staff is very friendly and have a great work ethic when it comes to customer service the doctors all work with cutting edge equipment and styles!
Working at Visionworks has helped me open many doors that I never thought I could open. It helped me gain customer service skills and management skills
With this job I would like to see the employees be recognized. We aren’t recognized for what we do. I would like a big increase in pay due to how long we’ve work there, our school completion, and our past pay from previous jobs to be met when requested and hired. Organization with in the company could be better. A big change for this company would need to be better communication for everyone. Corporate, to associates on the floor, to other stores. Updated equipment and fixed furniture if destroyed or not pleasant for the sake of patients. More privacy within the doctors office to protect hippa violation.
I liked that it challenged me to work efficiently for it being a fast paced environment. I'd like to see management better their coaching skills for new comers.
It is one of the better office/ medical field jobs. The workplace is quite spacious and they give you opportunity to grow with the company. Friendly environment with friendly coworkers. Work with the doctor or working with the making of glasses either way you are interacting with customers.
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Management needs more motivation and leadership skills to promote employees to reach their highest potential, when employees are happy and cared for they work harder and efficiently
Nice incentive to have since of unity and invest in the practice all comes from management
Work home balance
more employees recognition team work and work and work outside is ideal

more time off and personal time
every one must be a team player happier work environment not only work , must be life and interaction outside work
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