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175 Madison Ave
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
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I have been a part of Virtua Health for over 7 years as a contracted security and now Virtua security I love the dynamic culture at the hospital. I work with an excellent team and management. I have benefits and best go medical insurance. After coming out of the Military, this is the best job I've had. There is one thing I would like to see a change in and that is a proper, accredited training course for privatized security so that if you are needed at another hospital within the Virtua system there would be no differences.
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I currently work at other facilities but I have to say that Virtua is a hospital that will always come first to me. The management I have on my floor is wonderful and the staff are caring. Any work place you go to will have its pros and cons but I can't imagine leaving the family that I work with at this time. Patients come and go but at the end of the day, work environment and who you work with is important to me.
This job has worked on my character and helped me become a genuinely better person. Each day giving each patient their own personal experience aiding them to be well.