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I love what I do but management is not strong and has no communication with the staff till it's to late.
I started working at Virginia Mason Medical Center right out of high school (13 years ago). I have already felt job security here and they pay well for the work you do. Of course, every department has their "not so good days" and there are areas for improvement (upper management) but overall Virginia Mason really does work as a team and puts the patient first. Once completing my nursing degree, I plan on working here as a RN.
I love that Virginia Mason places a strong emphasis on teamwork, and it shows. This organization also always puts the patient as the priority, as all hospitals should, but they also value employee health and safety as a priority as well.
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The company is amazing, and treats the employees very well. The benefits are phenomenal, and they offer great vacation pay. I am honored to be a part of the team.
I am a Patient/Family volunteer at Virginia Mason Medical Center. I work on the Transgender Services Line Guidance Committee. This committee develops training for medical center staff related to Transgender patients. We also provide guidance to staff in areas related to Transgender Healthcare. I am a member of WPATH. (World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare.)
I am very proud that Virginia Mason has made a pledge to develop a Transgender Healthcare program. As a committee, we have been well received, and feel supported by the Medical Center directors.
It's a good place to work, management on my floor is awesome. 12 hour shifts, but that means you only work 3 days a week. That's good!
My experience here overall has been positive. Virginia Mason readily encourages and provides opportunity for continuing education, as well as personal growth and career advancement. One thing that strikes me most about Virginia Mason is how invested they are in their employees. As a student I have had immense support from the company in terms of furthering my education and being provided opportunities for growth. The company exhibits loyalty toward their employees and there is little fear of massive layoffs. The workplace culture is transparent and positive and always evolving as patients safety needs are a top priority here. The dynamic amidst employees is also largely positive, as people are here to lift each other up and engage in respectful dialogue and behavior. When I first started working here I was so impressed by the number of people that have been with the establishment for over 30 years, and this is largely telling of the culture and overall feelings of satisfaction.
Working for Virginia Mason is excellent! I love the ability to help others and work on an amazing team of helping professionals.
I love working at Virginia Mason! The benefits and pay are great and they seem to really care about their employees.
worked at Bailey Boushay House. Amazing coworkers but extremely difficult working conditions. Patients are mostly lovely but a few long-term patients are verbally abusive, which makes some people dread coming in to work. If you have thick skin, this is a good place for you.
Patient focus is superb. Focus also needs to be on staff. compensation should be review as although the mantra is the pay is competitive, other medical centers pay more
I love working for Virginia Mason, it is a wonderful company that takes care of there employees. They go above and beyond for patient care and I am lucky to say I work here.
Great family-like environment, and humble coworkers. Leadership however, is often primarily motivated by money and may overwork their employees. Most of the time we are compensated for this but not always, that is the only drawback I've noticed. Patient satisfaction is high and things are for the most part very organized and orderly.
It's a great place to work there are flexible hours and good pay. Employees are friendly and helpful. It's a team effort
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