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Working for Virginia Hospital Center was one of the most rewarding work experiences in my professional career. Everything I learned and everyone I met has influenced who I am as a working professional. I was sad to leave the organization, but I am happy I was able to grow during my time there to better further my successful career.
VHC has been an incredible place to work. Our patients taken care of by the most qualified and caring health care providers and the employees have incredible benefits as well! The pay rate is great, and the work place culture is safe and enjoyable, and the location is prime
From a nursing perspective, this hospital is a good place to learn for a new graduate. However, each unit has its clique and your experience can be hit or miss if you dont get along with your co-workers. The hospital overall aims to provide safe care and good patient experience.
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I have been an employee of Virginia Hospital Center for 2-3 years now and I love it! I am a CPHT and I work in the Inpatient pharmacy and I love our growth. We here at VHC love keeping our staff, patients and their families safe and happy. A few things I love about VHC are the smiles that you see on all of the employees faces, our benefits, the support meetings they have available if any employee has had any encounter that may have affected them in any way, and I love our convenience! Our staff here are supportive and you can never feel alone here. I am interested in furthering my education to become a Sonographer but I do plan on returning to work as a Diagnostic Sonographer at VHC.
When i first started at VHC I was an excited 22 yo. And as time went one i became a less excited 25 yo. Working here isnt that bad, but the change in managment definitely ruined a good thing. Where we had a manager that definitely cared for us, now we have one that only cares about the unit budget. it makes working her not as enjoyable.
The teamwork here is amazing. In case of an emergency, all of my coworkers are hands on and ready to help with whatever is needed.
I have worked for Virginia Hospital Center for 10 years. I have watched and experienced it's growth. We went from 60-80 patients a day, in the ER, to over 200 (some days) per day. There has been a lot changes throughout the years some great, some not so great. The best part of the not so great is management is aware and willing to hear and listen to you.

Virginia Hospital Center is an amazing place to work!
I would like to see employees have the opportunity to grow within the organization. Give the employees the necessary training to progress within the company.
I have been employed at Virginia Hospital Center for 4 months now as an experienced staff nurse. This hospital is by far, the most exceptional that I have worked in for the past 24 years in nursing. The management is friendly and encourage a commitment to a healthy work environment. The staff that I work with are very friendly and we all work together well as a unique team based approach. They encourage and are very respectful to nurses with experience and have a great health benefit package. This hospital is part of the Mayo clinic and I feel provides excellent care to their patients. I enjoy going to work and they are flexible in home life needs while encouraging higher education. I am going to be attending Aspen University in July this year for an online degree in Masters of Nursing Education. Thank you for your encouragement in applying for this Scholarship that will help cover any part of tuition and book costs.
I love my coworkers here. I think everyone works really well together and we stick up for one another. Management is a huge problem; we can't keep a director for long enough. It seems the assistance managers are power hungry and act like they're too good to to basic nursing care. I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in work and the managers don't help. I also dislike forced cancellations with little to no compensation. Its a slap in the face to me and my time that I have to wait until they need me and don't get paid for it; nor can I opt out.
I enjoy the environment this hospital has worked hard to create. They are always trying to improve things for both employees and patients. The health care coverage available in its self is worth it to work here.
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