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1701 North George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22205
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I have been an employee of Virginia Hospital Center for 2-3 years now and I love it! I am a CPHT and I work in the Inpatient pharmacy and I love our growth. We here at VHC love keeping our staff, patients and their families safe and happy. A few things I love about VHC are the smiles that you see on all of the employees faces, our benefits, the support meetings they have available if any employee has had any encounter that may have affected them in any way, and I love our convenience! Our staff here are supportive and you can never feel alone here. I am interested in furthering my education to become a Sonographer but I do plan on returning to work as a Diagnostic Sonographer at VHC.
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VHC has been an incredible place to work. Our patients taken care of by the most qualified and caring health care providers and the employees have incredible benefits as well! The pay rate is great, and the work place culture is safe and enjoyable, and the location is prime
I have worked for Virginia Hospital Center for 10 years. I have watched and experienced it's growth. We went from 60-80 patients a day, in the ER, to over 200 (some days) per day. There has been a lot changes throughout the years some great, some not so great. The best part of the not so great is management is aware and willing to hear and listen to you.

Virginia Hospital Center is an amazing place to work!