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I love working for VIPKID. It gives me the flexibility to live my life while making a living at the same time. The pay is great, the students are great, and the faculty always help me when I am in need. Working at home in my pajamas is the best.
VIP Kid is a very supportive company. The hours (due to teaching on China time) makes working very difficult. It was hard to adjust my sleep schedule. If you have no problem waking up at 3am, then the pay is average and the location is great (work from home).
I love working at VIPKid! It's not exactly how one would expected, but once you start teaching it's amazing! I love the community and the resources that the company has for teachers. The staff is amazing in dealing with the complications of working with two countries.
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Working for VIPKID is a great opportunity for remote workers and those seeking part-time work. The support system in this company is fantastic and ample resources for new teachers on the platform.
The job is very easy, and they pay very well. The hours are hit or miss due to the students' parents booking you, but it is an easy additional source of income that doesn't require a ton of effort.
Fantastic Company, has allowed me to flexibly work and pursue my master's degree. Love the students!
This is a phenomenal company to work for. You are able to work from home with minimal start up costs. The company is great at offering help and feedback when needed. You can also set your own schedule.
Its an awesome job that allows me to work from home at night, be home during the day with my toddler, and it allows me to take evening classes. It pays well for what you do. I love teaching ESL. The downside to VIPKid is that everything is done online, there is no phone number to call to talk to anyone. Taking this job you are also considered an independent contractor so that means no benefits and they don’t take taxes out of our checks.
An excellent work-from-home job with no minimum hour requirement and a great client base. Allows you to make your own schedule and they are constantly evolving to make classes better.
VIP Kid is a very proactive company with employees who will promptly respond to your inquiry and application. They walk you through the interview process and have multiple seminars which will prepare you for your mock "class". Once hired the process for opening up your classroom is very simple and user friendly. They support you while you continue to gain experience and grow your clientele. They constantly offer seminars and advice. There is a huge community of other teachers with which you can share ideas and ask for advice. They offer incentives for staying connected and opening up class slots. The only drawback is you won't get an initial salary increase unless you teach 1200 classes per year which is 100 per month; that's quite a lot for a part-time job but that is just my personal opinion.
VIPKid should be everyone’s go-to when it comes to a part-time job. It is an awesome experience working with kids and at any time of your convenience. Awesome getting to teach some classes before work or any schooling.
I enjoy the work I do, the flexible hours, and the ability to work from home. However, I think the company could honor their employees much better and treat them with the respect we deserve. Management is notorious for sweeping teachers' problems under the rug and pretending like it is okay.
Almost 3 years working for VIPKID. It's been a great real blessing working from home. I am a stay at home Mom to 2 children. It's great to work from home and be able to stay home and enjoy my kids.
VIPKID is amazing! Not only is it an opportunity to work from home, it is an opportunity to meet such wonderful students. The job allows a teacher to interact with students creating an exciting teaching environment. It is such a joy to work for a company that allows different cultural backgrounds to teach one another.
Being able to go to school full-time and work in the morning for VIPKid has been amazing! I don’t have to travel for work and I still have plenty of time for school work.
I like the flexibility the job provides and the ability to work from home. The hours can be exhausting and there are few benefits. The job security is low, so I use this as my side income.
This is a great company to work for! The best part of this job is that I can work from home. Also, it is usually early mornings, so I can work 3 our 4 hours in the morning and have the entire day to do what I want to do. I can also work on the road and I can vary my hours.
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I can work from home. I can work as much or as little as I want. I open time slots when I am ready to work.
I love the opportunities provided as an employee here, in terms of having multiple positions at the same time. The hours are extremely flexible, and getting in contact with corporate is easy and quick.
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