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I like that we work during the weekends and that gives us time during the week to go to school or do school work.
This is a great job for students and an excellent step in the right direction for those who are perusing a degree in veterinary medicine. I've learned so much that I may not learn in school, such as how to properly hold pets and accurately assess pet behavior and make decisions based on pet lifestyles. I also was driven to learn as much as I could from veterinarians that I work with each weekend.
I have been with VIP Petcare for over a year now. The hours are long, we work ev ery single weekend, we have long drives to and from our clinics, but despite all of that I genuienly love my job. When I am out a clinics interacting with clients and their pets, I feel great. We are offering a much needed service to people whom can't afford to get their vaccinations with their standard vet or people whom work all week and can not get into the vet during the weekend. Sometimes the office can feel a bit stressful due to various issues with staffing and scheduling. This has been a great experience for me.
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We work long hours but this works out since we only work 2-3 days a week. We travel to different locations and provide veterinary wellness care for pets. Coworkers are very helpful and guiding with new employees.
Love the experience that VIP gives. I am pursuing a degree in Audiology which is completely not in the realm of VIP. But coming, here, I am always learning something new and I am grateful of all the experiences it has given me. Wonderful place to work!
Nice place to work. The hiring manager and other managers were very nice and helpful. The job requires you to travel a decent amount but you get paid to travel so it is worth it. Would still work there if I hadn't been in a bad car accident that hurt my knee. Heavy lifting is required
At the start you are able to gain increase in wages but the company is not training incoming people correctly to handle the animals they work with. They are more concerned with sales than doing what is right for the pet. Sales is their only focus not providing good veterinary medicine.
I like that this job is flexible with my school schedule. You can request days off and most likely get them off. The environment is fast pace but you get to work with dogs and cats.
It was an overall good working experience. I learned much about pet care and how to take care of the needs of the customers. My boss was understanding and she was very instructive. The pay was decent, and the labor was average. I was asked to work overtime often, however often it was only for a half hour each time.
This was the worst company I have ever worked for. There is no respect for the employees. Management bullies it’s workers and they do not pay what is promised.
I like that we provide affordable preventative care for pets because not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars at a vets office.
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