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Good training program for new nurses with lots of support from the educators on staff. Vidant is a level 1 trauma center with a Children's Hospital, Cancer Center and Heart Center. Vidant encourages promotions from within and has several programs to help support growth within the company.
The culture here is very accepting and friendly. The hospital is a teaching hospital so it provides staff with an amazing opportunity to learn and develop professionally.
I've worked here for 4 years now and truly love it, I have found the management to be very friendly and have made some life-long friends along the way. I find that everyone makes a true effort to work together and also cares about their development as well. I love it here!
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I enjoy my job. It’s a great place to work for. Company has a lot of different offices to choose from. It has a great work environment. The pay could be better. Management is great. My department has different socials. Everyone gets along. The Paid Time off is not ok because holiday and paid time off is included into one bucket. But other than that Vidant is a great place to work. I would recommend others to get a job her. Health insurance is great. The do offer different incentives. Vidant offer a wide variety of jobs in many different locations.
Iv'e been working for Vidant Medical Center for three years now and I absolutely love it. Every employee there are generous, respectful, helpful and caring. They are welling to help you grow as a whole team and as an individual. The only thing I will change is for the workplace to gain more employees. We are one of the biggest hospitals in Eastern Carolina, and we are always extremely business. I work as a housekeeper for the company. Many people don't believe that its a important job but it actual is. If we aren't there to sanitized and clean the place properly there is no way it could be running. The faster we are able to get rooms prepared , the more people we could get in ans help. If we had more people in our department, we could get more rooms cleaned in a good amount of time.
It is a big hospital for the area and employees can see a lot and get an excellent experience. VMC allows people to grow.
I love what I do here at Vidant, and would not change that for the world. It's a great place to grow and develop. However, if you do not have the education/experience, no one is really willing to help point you in the right direction or open the door to opportunity. Culture could change for the better. Overall, co-workers are friendly and the work life balance is decent!
My experience at Vidant has been a good one. I have been employed there for, almost 5 years. I would like to see more acknowledgment for the laboratory staff.
Vidant Medical Center is one of the biggest and best hospital in North Carolina. They have the best team working for them to make sure their patient get the best care along with friendly people who really care. I have been at vidant now for about 13 years now its just like a family I have a daughter that has Sickle Cell Disease and she stays in the hospital a lot but vidant works with me so I want lose my job taking care of my child. It's hard being a single mother trying to work full time, school and take care of my daughter but I don't give up.
Vidant has a great opportunity for growth. and offers great opportunity in positions . They encourage school and have an amazing staff dedicated to making patients feel better.
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