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best place in the whole entire world with good benefits and good pay especially for young people. lots of opportunity to move up into the company into higher and better paying positions. everyone should apply
Victoria's Secret has the possibility to be an amazing work place for anyone. There is a lot of room for advancement if you are a hard worker. While this is a definite perk, they don't offer in depth leadership training for those moving into management which can effect business and the associates underneath these managers. All that aside, they do equip you to have strong customer first thinking mindset, and great time management and selling skills.
I love how diverse the workers are here at Victoria Secret. I love seeing all the effort that goes into managing the company and to assist customers. I appreciate that the management always ensures that we take our breaks and our lunches
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i really love my job. i am able to make women feel beautiful and have fun while doing it. i love to work with my friends and be able to work for a company that genuinely cares about its staff
I would like to see opportunity to grow and the organization of the company improve. I also don't think the way hours are given is fair. One thing I do like is that the pay does not start at minimum wage, however, it is still not enough to support someone.
Company is cool cause they have pretty cool perks. The problem is not the company is who represents them. Management is poor and has no sympathy for their employees.
I've never been apart of such a great work environment! I thought that working with a large group of women would be filled with loads of drama, but this company hires only employees that will lift each other up.
I like the friendly and the overwhelming urge to make every customer feel special! I also like the way that the customers are always eager to try something new.
I like that the company mostly promote from within. Every year around the holiday season the company looks to promote for what's called a TAP (Which is a temporary supervisor for the season). I love this because that gives some one that works for that particular store the opportunity to grow within the company. Once selected, that person begins to learn all that there is to learn about being a manager/supervisor. That's a great resume builder.
Honestly as a woman I loved working here because I learned much more about feminine products and what it really feels like to be sexy. I enjoyed fitting woman into their bras and discovering the personality of all who came to shop here. What I did not like were the managers and how they would always blame me for their wrong doings. The benefits to work here were not very great either.
I like Victoria's Secret a lot because they put their employees first. Safety is always first priority, and they have amazing insurance for their employees. They represent their brand extremely well and always promote their brand rather than their products
Convenient, close to home. Discounts are generous. Pay low average for that field in this area. But they do not promote from within. Staff easy to work with but some customers can be difficult. Management can reverse coupon policy which make transaction awkward
Nice place to work, pretty good benefits for part time employees. I would like to see the company become more conscious of their footprint.
I started working here when I was 18 years old and I really loved it because of the discounts, people and working in a fast paced environment. Over the last three years I have become unhappy with my manager. She is the most terrible human being I have ever encountered and she is the only reason I am leaving this job. I also feel like there is no room to grow. Since we also have so many managers/supervisors they need to set a game plan where everyone is on the same page instead of always giving the employees mixed direction.
I really enjoy the atmosphere of working here. I quickly get to learn new ways to interact with people and how to better determine how much help they need and how much attention they are comfortable with. Which will greatly help me in future jobs
Working for Victoria's Secret has been a roller coaster. Depending on the store, management and opportunities differ. Management makes it clear to workers that you are replaceable. The main focus for the company is empowering woman. This focus should trickle down from the corporate level into the stores.
Great company to work for. The atmosphere is very friendly. I felt comfortable and was kept busy at all times.
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Better Management. The managers make employees really uncomfortable. They put you in a place where you worry about staying employed. Its just an uncomfortable situation and the scheduleflexibility is just as horrible.
It was a wonderful experience. The management team was superb. Everyone works synchronized. Work with hard effort and the money will follow with bonuses.
I loved working here! It truly felt like I was on a team, while at the same time I was independent on the job. It was the perfect combination of freedom and guidance to excel at the job.
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