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probably the hardest retail Job I have worked. the pay is good but I feel not enough for the things we deal with. very strict at all times, very critical environment, need to be a strong person definitely to work there
Working at Victoria’s Secret is not only exciting, but also a knowledge to build on! From everyday human interaction, to knowing little things like proper bra sizes and proper fitting. My favorite thing about working at Victoria’s Secret is the social skills I build with the people coming to shop. When a women comes in and she feels unsure of what she wants or what she needs, I always jumping in ready to help. There is nothing more heartfelt than assisting somebody who is shopping for some new apparel or bras knowing it makes them feel empowered. Sometimes, when we are short staffed management will extend our shift and have us stay a few hours later. This is the worst thing about the job just because I feel like we need to be able to live our own lives and not be working so much. As this is a dislike of mine, I often find myself saying it’s okay because I love my job and don’t mind a little extra hard work.
Good retail position especially for students, laid back environment and great perks. I worked in fairfax va location and had a blast.
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I’ve only been working here for a couple months so far and I have to say that I love it! My coworkers are so helpful and we all have good communications with each other so we get the job done. Started out at seasonal and BOOM one month later I’m offered a permanent position so doing good hard work pays off. Also perfect for the girls who are in college or moms because you’ll only get 21 hours or less a week.
Enjoyed the work but some downsides were drama and atmosphere. It pays well but is a very demanding job. Customers are often in a bad mood here and it becomes draining at times. I often got scheduled for eight hour shifts as a part time working which can become frustrating because I am also a student so I need more time for studies.
I love that this company cares about their employees, by giving us good deals on the apparel that they own. For the most part, the hours are flexible and understanding throughout difficult circumstances.
I enjoy getting to work with people on a daily basis and the coworkers on my team. The managers are encouraging, but sometimes the company has really unrealistic expectations on sales goals. Pay is competitive once associates work there for a while, and promotions are readily available. Corporate could show a little more appreciation for their staff, as we get little to no recognition (especially for credit card sign-ups). I love working for a place that pushes me to be my best self and getting the chance to help others feel beautiful.
Good pay and some good discounts management is not thaT organized and customers are difficult at least in my location they are. They pay more than the average pay but based off you location you will be doing a lot of work it you location is busy especially when management does not tell those who aren’t doing their job to work. You end up doing double the work. But overall company cares about associates.
I've been working there now for a couple of months. Great people!! All my coworkers are always helping me out.
I've been at Victoria's Secret for 3 years now and I love everyone I work with. they are like a second family to me. I can always count on my Victoria's Secret girls to help me out if I ever need anything such as a shift change or even a shoulder to cry on.
i wouldve loved this job however, the managers are assholes and are very inconsiderate to their employees. pay sucks too. (* they give employees free stuff sometimes*)
Working at Victoria’s Secret is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, you get an amazing discount, there are a lot of extra ways to make money in your paycheck through meeting sales targets, and you are surrounding with amazing products that revolutionized the lingerie marketplace. The downside to this company is there are so many rules and business standards, sometimes being a human gets lost in the process. It is hard to have a real connection with customers or management because of the pressure placed on the sales team, and the limits placed on what you can and can’t do in a store space. Everything must be perfect at all times or you risk humiliation from upper level management.
I like that there are opportunities to move up within the company. I wish there were more incentives for employees so that we could feel more appreciated for our hard work. I also would like to see better and thorough training for all employees so that they will be more well-rounded. There also needs to be more benefits for part-time employees especially those that have been in the company for more than a year.
Working here for the past two years has been an overall great experience. I have worked in several different stores and have felt comfortable in each one. This company has helped me grow immensely with team work, working with customers, problem solving, and more!
The company absolutely loves internal growth and has lots of ready-set-go plans to develop your career as long as you ask for the development.
Management was not organized, however they are great people! It took roughly 2 months, which is way too long, just for the interview process. It then took almost two weeks to receive a phone call after numerous attempts of calling for my schedule.
I loved my co-workers and that the company tried to keep us involved and knowledgeable with our products. But regional management had too much control over who would become store management. Management in general was similar to high school cliques.
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Overall, my experience was very good. I had a great team and personal sales associate goals were resonable. A really fun place to work with great product.
I love working here, the company gives us great discounts and good pay. they also give us gratis here and there to say thanks
best place in the whole entire world with good benefits and good pay especially for young people. lots of opportunity to move up into the company into higher and better paying positions. everyone should apply
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