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Victor Valley Global Medical Center Reviews

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Working at VVGM is an honorable pleasure because the employees are great. Everyone gives one hundred percent moral support. I plan on working at this hospital even when I become a PA.
I love working here, very kind and organised organisation. The work place is multi cultural, people here work together to take care of patients needs. They work with you with your schedual if you are in school or have
I love my workplace, family friendly environment, room for grownth. They sipport tou when you choose to go back to achool to further your education or nutter the work skills that yoi already have. They work with your school schedual so that you can have the days off you need to go to school.
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I love the fact that they are supportive when it comes to continuing your education. They will work with you to give you the time off you need for school. I also love the fact that it is a very family oriented work place, with employees,and patients. I would like to see access to better equipment, it makes for a rough day at work when you don't have the things you need to do your job.
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