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The things I loved the most about where I work is the atmosphere, the customers, and the merchandise. Versona has really beautiful product, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and accessories. The thing I didn't like was the sizes of the clothing were not true to size. Some of them run small. Some of the management team was hard to work with.
Typical retail job. Very good at giving time off when needed, but pay raises are hard to come by and the work can be slow depending on where your store is located. If you like organizing jewelry and talking to customers this job is perfect for you! Overall a good company to work for if you're looking for a corporate retail job.
I started working at Versona in Roger, AR right after high school. I'm currently a junior in college, and they let me come back and work for them during all of my breaks from school.
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Shopping at Versona in general is a pleasant experience. The company has beautiful clothing and accessories. They are always in fashion and the clothing is of very good quality. The prices are very reasonable as well. Working for the overall company Versona is a great opportunity. Under the right management you can grow with the company. Each location and management team you work for is very different. Depending on who your supervisor and higher up management is, it can yield a different experience.
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