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6775 Lenox Center Court, Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38115
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2 reviews
Don't get confused with my score. I loved my job and appreciate every opportunity that I got and things that I learned. However, I also was able to keep my positive attitude and attain my knowledge from my coworkers. Whenever there was a coworker issue, it was handled within the department because if it got outside of the department, management was bound to mess it up. I even applied back after being laid off and past my recall date. I made good money and had amazing coworkers. After getting a reply back that I didn't understand, I was also spammed with about 12 other people's responses back and their personal email addresses attached. Very Unprofessional that a mass email went out and created mass spam.
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Most employees are caring, helpful and hardworking. Middle management could use leadership training, could learn to to give recognition and positive feedback. Retirement and salary continuation benefits are good. Upper management really puts safety of employees first.