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1210 Vemeer Rd
Pella, IA 50219
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Vermeer Reviews

2 reviews
Vermeer is a friendly place to work. Employees are cared about as human beings, rather than simply as cogs. I've always felt genuine compassion and concern from management, especially when compared to previous jobs I've held. As an engineer there, I also have found the workload to be at a good balance. I rarely feel overwhelmed or like I have WAY to much to do, but I still always keep busy. They don't overburden their engineers, for the most part. One of the main downsides to Vermeer is its location. Pella doesn't have much to do. As a single person in my 20s, I personally moved to Des Moines after living a year in Pella because I found living in Pella to be boring and cumbersome. It's a nice, pretty town, but there isn't much to do. I also find their building maintenance/repair to be lacking. They do a great job with cleaning and keeping the building fresh, but they're slow to make renovations to buildings or improve upon the infrastructure of the campus.
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One of the best places I have ever worked, some of the kindest individuals with the most on the spot knowledge of their equipment.