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I didn't like it, training is terrible they say just come early to get more help but the truth is that I came early and they had me do something else or the trainer was not their yet.
I've worked for Verizon for a little over a year and for the most part I love my job. The managers hate hiring moms and students because they want people who are willing to make Verizon their top priority.
This is a fortune 500 company that pays well, has great benefits and allows you to have an awesome work life balance. You are rewarded several different ways for your performance depending on your department. You receive bonuses based on your performance, so ultimately you decide your financial well being. You have the ability to grow very fast in this organization as long as you do the work, meaning you learn all that you can and you perfect your craft and once you have done that you network to continue to move upwards in the company. This company has some of the best benefits I have ever seen provided by a company and I hear outsiders talk about it all the time especially when I visit a doctor or have an eye exam, people really love the benefits provided by Verizon and so do I.
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More cohesiveness between departments and for all departments work with the same objective in assist the customer.
I am very lucky to be part of a wonderful group of people. We put our all into what we do and knowing our clients are happy with our services definitely makes it worth it!
Verizon is a great company as far as benefits. However, it has been shown to be difficult to move to other positions. It is kind of like a popularity program. You have to be “friends” with individuals in higher positions in order to be promoted.
I've had a great experience working for the company. They are one of the first companies I've worked for that truly cares about both the customer and the employee. I would recommend it to anyone.
I love working for Verizon. The priorities of the business are always changing depending on the environment, but it makes every day a new adventure. I love that we can work from home one day a week, have autonomy over our own workload, and are able to make a positive impact each and every day. Our customers rely on us to have a strong operating network and being able to provide that give a great sense of accomplishment. The are always opportunities to move around in departments, and cross training is always encouraged.
Working for this company has been the best decision I’ve made. The benefits are the best I’ve seen and the environment is friendly.
Good place to work if you are on the east coast, if not Verizon may not be the place to work. I did not work for the wireless section so that may be different.
Verizon starts as a great place to work, but over time it just becomes a popularity contest. Management can be seen as petulant and not very aware of the representatives that they’re supposed to support. But the pay and benefits are what makes a lot of employees stay.
This company has been fantastic, the opportunity to make more money the harder you work is great. I have however had to travel a lot to cover other locations in the company.
I was applying for many jobs and finally got one with verizon. I enjoy working there. The manager and employees know what they are doing.
Take advantage of generous tuition reimbursement to make the most of the opportunity to build a career and set yourself up for future advancement.
Not a healthy work environment. No flexibility in making tour own schedule, poor management, in-friendly staff that are about their pay & not customer loyalty!
while working there you can start in lower clerical position and work your way up to management. the company offers to pay tutition to help you get ahead in the company. You have to want to move ahead.
I have been a Verizon Communications employee for 22 years. My experience as a full time mom and working parent has been a great experience. Great health benefits and flexible schedules are suitable for my family. Opportunity for growth throughout the years has been a plus.
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Long career... No complaints really- just very corporate (as expected), which can mean lay offs. The people are great and can be cohesive depending on what department you are in.
too much forced overtime, the managers dont care about there employees only about the bottom line profits. They will force you to work on your days off and on holidays. There is much animosity between managers and employees. You will be forced to stay late. The pay and benefits are good, and they know it so they treat you like a number.
Good Atmosphere pleasant to work at getting the work is very easy pay us competitive tuition reimbursement is very good. It’s a great place to work
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