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Vectrus is a decent company to work for overseas on contract. The biggest complaint that I have is that it is very difficult to move up with this company unless you have friends in high places. Cronyism runs rampant and often people who have the "connections" are promoted without the experience necessary to be successful.
As companies become more metrics driven they become less people oriented. Looking at a spreadsheet of numbers in an office thousands of miles of away from looking into the eyes of the employees doing the jobs and hearing their voices is counterproductive.
I enjoyed working here at the people are great. There is always room for growth within this company and I am always learning something new.
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Vectrus is a great contract agency to work for. Working under the federal government is the next best thing from working for the federal government directly because I still get great benefits like health insurance and payed vacation time off.
Foreign location management can be better. The transparency and honest with management in those locations as well as corporate can be better as well.
Coming from a smaller subcontractor to a bigger company in Vectrus has been refreshing. A lot more organization/structure to help with the flow of things. There are a lot of tools to help you do your job. Communication at the local and corporate levels is exceptional.
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