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Pretty much seems like a pyramid scheme. When I did my interview with Vector, they had no mention of what we would be selling. It wasn't until the applicant have accepted the job that they told us we would be selling knives. What's worse is that we would have to find customers on our own, demonstrate the knives in THEIR HOUSE and try to sell them. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. If you wiki Vector you would find some shady cases with them.
I've worked with the company for 6 years. It's not a job that is for everyone to do long term, however, I strongly believe that the experience Vector teaches its students is invaluable for anyone. I have seen many people grow from being timid and anxious to become very confident versions of themselves, I have seen people from broken families feel valued in a "second-family" culture, and students earn more money than possible in other work environments. As an engineering student with subpar social skills at age 18, it helped me grow tremendously. During my college years, my parents experienced some financial hardships, relying on disability and food stamps for the majority of it. Because students are able to earn more on a commission here, I was able to fund all of my college experience despite not receiving any financial help from my parents. This is something for which I am extremely grateful. To be successful does require hard work, but it is very rewarding.
The pay is great but you have to be comfortable with selling to people you know. There is pressure to meet a certain quota and you have someone assigned to you in order to make sure the office is on track with their predicted sales figures. The environment is friendly but sometimes it is easy to feel like you are being used. The flexible work hours are attractive but the job wasn't right for me in the end. I can recommend this job to anyone looking for sales experience or hoping to better their presentational skills. The product is excellent but not everyone is on board with the way Vector marketing handles business.
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You have to know people in order to have orders placed. It is a good job, but the individuals try to pressure you to making it your future.
As a sales representative, I really enjoyed selling Cutco products to consumers. One con from this job is that the 2-3 hour team meetings are non paid and that referrals are difficult to get from customers. The base pay of 18$ per presentation is great though.
my experience with Vector is amazing. I hit my first promotion in my first weekend! I just hit my second promotion last week in my first month! The job is very rewarding and has a great team.
I love how they help mold us into awesome human beings. they train us to become great leaders and open doors to better things.
I would love to see the company offer more things than they do.
The company is generally a well-driven and well managed large marketing company. The expectations are very demanding and travel is required every day in order to meet the job requirements. The job was great and the mentor ship was outstanding. They helped people with no experience learn the business world. It helped with communication skills and sales experience for sure.
I am having an amazing experience at Vector Marketing. I have been working here for over two and a half years. I have made many close friends and have travelled the world. I have made a lot of income and have grown personally each and every day that I work. I have gain a lot of sales training, communication skills, confidence and more. I wouldn’t change one thing about the company. It has been a dream come true.
I've worked with this company for a year and a half, and I have nothing negative to say about it. My results are what I put into it. I was able to win a night on a yacht and a personalized signed letter of recommendation from the president of the company in addition to a paycheck over $1400 for one week. The representative makes their own schedule and when people do come into the office, it's so much fun and we'll even go out as a team. It's tailored for college students so they can work around classes or even just work on breaks.
I love working with Vector. Selling Cutco has been one of the best decisions I have made. They work great around my school and work schedules, and I get the opportunity to make extra money right at home. All of the people I have met so far have been great. Everyone is super motivating and we all want everyone to do our very best in all aspects of our life!
This was a first job for me, so I enjoyed the experience. The job was to create appointments with referrals to sell a product (Cutco Cutlery). The best part was being surrounded by similar aged and like-minded people. It's not for everyone since the schedule is created by the individual rather than an hourly wage.
The people were very friendly and helpful! The job and its tasks itself were simply not for me though. Good experience.
This company does well when it comes to training its employees, but does a horrible job at keeping them. Many of my coworkers, as well as myself, had instances where the company would promise to pay base and commission until we reached a certain amount of sales but instead would simply pay commission before we reached that point.
I liked that the hours were made up by the employee and verified by the manager. I enjoyed the team meetings held weekly to propel a good work environment. There were many fun raffles during meetings which highlighted new products. I really love how I can stand by the product. Cutco kitchen cutlery is absolutely amazing and the knifes speak for themselves. Overall, this was a good part time job while home from college to make some quick cash. Also, you can stop working and resuming working as much as you would like within reason and after talking with the managers, all of which are very friendly.
The cutco product is great but their selling scripts for new sale employee is discouraging and you do not earn money for the hard work you put it such as driving 40 mins, they would not pay for gas.
I love the opportunities available with Vector. Not only am I gaining great personal growth, but I'm earning money and a possible scholarship. I love the products and the people I work with, but I would set up the sales demo a bit differently.
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I like how flexible it is, makes it easy to go to school and make some money at the same time. Managers are always on your back about making calls and setting up demo's, which doesn't reflect the high flexibility they advertise.
This experienced has shaped who I am today. I have grown as an individual, business professional, and become more confident throughout my time at Vector Marketing.
It was not something for me. I think it is a great opportunity for those interested in marketing and business. It is a great summer job for students. Most of the positions are not long term or permanent, but they can be.
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