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I love the environment here. Everyone has a positive attitude and is focused on the patients. It is a very team oriented place, and everyone is always willing to help out.
Great place to work, everyone is extremely helpful when on boarding and always available to answer all of your questions. The patient population can be difficult due to the high homeless population, but workin on the Neurosurgery unit is a dream. Learning all the systems was easy and once more everyone was great to help out. The overall hospital is extremely team oriented and everyone is invested in boosting employees to the position of their dreams and providing the tools to get there.
I love working at VCU. The people here are great kind and always wiling to help you. There is so many different opportunities for you to grow.
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The job is nice. The people and the patients make the job all worth while. Everyone makes you feel included. In addition, it is a great learning environment. All employees are willing to lend a helping hand.
VCU Health is a wonderful company to work! It is important for you to find something that you love within the system. The benefits are amazing and there is always a way to find assistance. There are still changes that should be implemented but they are on their way there!
I believe Mcv/Vcu health system is a great place to work and gain extra experience in the medical feild. There are plenty of ways one can advance and maintain employment during as well as after.
VCU Health Systems is the areas best hospital. They thoroughly review a list of problems until they are ensured they've eliminated all choices.
I am a nursing student at VCU and working as a student nurse. We have the ability to see multiple units in the hospital. This is a good environment for asking questions and promoting your own learning.
I have enjoyed working for this company, because it is constantly encouraging me to further my education and skill in my field. I have always had a pleasant experience with other employees when directions/guidance is needed.
I have had a good experience at VCU Health Systems. I enjoy working here. The benefits, pay, job experience are all pros at VCU Health Systems.
I have been really fortunate to work at VCU while beginning my career in the health care field. The Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit has really shaped my education and character for providing adequate care to our patients. As a certified nursing assistant, I am responsible for many tasks that indirectly affect patients and their stay. However, I also work with patients directly and that's the most impactful. I am honor to have the privilege to round with the interdisciplinary team on the unit and learn from the conversations had throughout the morning. I have also been invited to numerous presentations and been poured into in varies ways. I am a vital part of the team and it is evident that I am constantly respected, it's refreshing to be able to have honest and open communications with so many different positions within the hospital.
VCU is a great hospital to work for. Their benefits are so great. They work with everyone in a professional manner.
As a newer employee, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working here thus far. The management and co-worker environment is very personable, and I feel comfortable being able to do my job every day.
This is a growing organization as VCU Health's subsidiary, Virginia Premier, has expanded its health plans since 2017. There are some growing pains but there is an opportunity to make your stamp on a growing organization with a great mission.
Great Hospital workers a little rude but the doctors are great! Management is not that great. It is a teaching Hospital so you will learn. Employees that have been there long are not that nice. Great benefits! You will meet some great people working here. The parking sucks because you have to pay to come to work, then catch a bus from your car.
Great place to start a career in health care! A variety of opportunities available throughout various fields. Tuition benefits are wonderful for those considering going back to school and furthering their education. Definitely would recommend.
I love the organization! The only thing I would like to see change is the issue with parking. In the city of Richmond, parking is very very frustrating and difficult. I believe it’s important for employees to have access to easy accessible parking, as well as patients.
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The company atmosphere is very laid back. The surgical unit and ED are the most chaotic places to work. They involve a lot of multi-tasking and are extremely fast paced. The compensation is probably the lowest you can find in the Richmond area, but the prestige is nice if you need a resume boost. There is also a lot of diversity which most hospitals in the area lack. They have a good health insurance, HSA, dental insurance and PTO time benefits package. The Ed Assist program can help a lot. They also have a great CIGNA incentive program set up and can help you get discounts on home ownership and adoption along with many other activities in the area. They challenge nurses to challenge the clinical ladder, but care partners are stuck in one spot. There parking is also very poor. You pay almost $100/month to park half a mile from the hospital.
VCUHealth is a great hospital to work with because of their benefits, experience and education opportunities. ALTHOUGH if you are looking for a job because of the pay, vcu is not a good route to go.
worked for three years, they work around my school schedule and all co-workers are friendly with good teamwork
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