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12401 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Recently our Vet office was sold to VCA. The transition has been smooth and pleasant. As a once family owned business, I was nervous about being "bought out" by a large Vet Medicine company but they truly represent a company that cares about the services it provides to their pet patients and owners! When we were transitioning, representatives of the company came to our office and interacted directly with me and the staff to really get to know who we were and what we stood for. I love VCA and am proud to work for a VCA owned animal hospital!
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The VCA I worked for was located in Alaska. It was very conveniently located for the part of town it served and my commute every day was easy. I got along well with all my co-workers. The veterinarians and manager were very approachable. I was temporarily offered a job promotion, but it was not the one I wanted. I ended up being stuck in the same position without transitioning to another area of the hospital like I had requested. But I understood that we were short-staffed and clients really liked me working the front desk. The corporate side of VCA was the main frustrating part of working there. The hourly pay for my experience/education and pay raises were not on par with other private vet practices or other medical offices in the area. Health insurance and employee benefits were very expensive. I would work for another VCA in the future if they would actually pay employees what they're worth.
The work experience here varies depending on which hospital you are employed by. There is certainly a corporate chain of command no matter what, but each hospital is given a certain sense of autonomy. Fortunately, VCA has deep pockets, so you will likely not be hurting for equipment or supplies, and will be well-equipped to do your job. In larger hospitals, there seems to be a higher turnover rate, and I attribute that to the company's unwillingness to pay staff what they are worth. However, there has been a recent shift in culture, and they are working hard to give raises, pay their good staff to stay, and cut loose the people who aren't contributing to a positive working environment. This kind of attitude makes staff feel valued and want to work harder and fosters a sense of loyalty to the hospital and the company, so I can honestly say that after 7 years and 3 different hospitals, VCA is definitely headed in the right direction.