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My experience at Varsity Tutors has been great so far! I got my first tutoring opportunity this week with a client, and the tutoring session went well! I got paid the same week, and the pay rate is great! I love having the freedom of setting my own hours and getting paid to do what I love, which is very fulfilling and rewarding. However, the number of tutoring opportunities that are available depend on the time of the school academic year, which is mainly high during the fall, winter, and spring semesters, where as during the summer semesters is fairly low.
My experience with Varsity Tutors has been amazing. I pick my own hours and I get to choose which clients to work with. Its been a great experience and I am glad I decided to fill out an application.
It's a great job for a student - you can choose what subjects you tutor, and you can set your own hours and how much you want to work! Most of the students you'll get want to get better and improve, so it's more enjoyable than perhaps a large-scale teaching experience. It was pretty tough to get started with my first student (took about a month to get successfully set up with someone) but from there I haven't had much difficulty finding new students. Sometimes their tutor support or tech leaves something to be desired, but overall it's pretty good.
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The company works very well with you. The supervisors are willing to to work with the needs of the individual tutor to help develop plans. They start linking with students at a good pace that allows the tutor to determine best levels for them. They are also very available and check in often to make sure things are going well.
It was a good experience because of the opportunities it opened up/clients the company made available to me but I felt like the amount of money that they took out for their "fee" was a bit excessive. Clients would be paying $60/hr and I would only be receiving $21/hr.
Amazing work environment with intelligent co-workers. The work is rewarding since we are helping people of all ages learn. I'd highly recommend Varsity Tutors to anyone who wants to work in a fast-paced, high growth company with a bright future.
Varsity Tutors allows anyone from across the country to have a tutor online. They also contact tutors in your area that can come to you personally. Being a tutor for them, it is very easy for me to get tutoring opportunities and with a wide variety of subjects.
I enjoy working with varsity tutors. As a tutor they help me find students to tutor with easy. The schedule is very flexible. They help find students that fit my schedule. The pay is fair and on time.
Very nice company, flexible and helpful. Student's parents were the big obstacle and students just wanting answers vs wanting to learn.
I enjoyed the online platform, but I wish they had more students and more opportunities. I also wish their compensation was higher.
I enjoy working for Varsity Tutors! I can work remotely, and the hours are flexible. As a retired teacher who put in a lot of extra hours, the freedom to walk away from a job at the end of a day is a welcome change.
Overall, I enjoy working for Varsity Tutors. It is easy and convenient to work from home. If you have any issues, they are generally quite prompt in getting back to you about them and resolving them. There are just a few areas where improvements would help. It would be nice if there was a way to earn a raise after you've been with them for awhile or if you consistently perform well. Also, there is no way to separate instant tutoring opportunities from regular clients, so once you've maxed out your schedule and marked that you aren't taking new clients you're stuck. If a client cancels you can't pick up an instant client to fill the spot.
Varsity tutors is a great place to work! We get to help people learn everyday! Managers value employee ideas! It's an ever evolving organization and growing. I enjoy working here.
Great opportunities to help students of all ages better understand various topics. Can work with student online or in-person. Increasing pay would be great
I liked that I can pick my own schedule, however, opportunities are limited in my opinion. The pay is good.
As an academic tutor, you can have the opportunity to work remotely or in person. The level of interaction is up to the tutor and the flexibility of work hours is a perk. It is a great job for graduate students who want to work but cannot commit to a full time job.
This company does hire contractor of all age to become a tutor. However, this tutor are not guarantee are minimum income that is who be constantly of open and connected on internet device to expert to make enough to money to at least afford your internet bill. I main reason is that are plenty of tutors on their platforms with few clients . Its very hard to rely on this kind of job
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I greatly enjoy working as a tutor through Varsity Tutors because of the frequent pay cycles and the opportunity to set my own hours. I also enjoy the fact that we are allowed to accept students based off how close they live to our area, and we are allowed to see background information of students before accepting an opportunity. It is also easy to invoice our sessions through the online portal, which can be done anywhere as long as we have good internet reception. I have been working as a tutor through Varsity Tutors for the past 3 months and I can see myself working with them for the next 3 years. I also enjoy working with Varsity Tutors because they give me the experience of working with different ages and grade levels of students in a wide variety of subject areas, which will be very helpful when I begin teaching.
I am overall very happy with my experience with Varsity Tutors. I love their website and online tutoring platform. It is easy to use, and it makes it convenient to earn money tutoring from my own home. They pay on time and have always helpful and friendly over the phone.
This is the best job I've ever had. The students are engaged and ready to learn, even if it wasn't exactly their idea to get a tutor. The staff are always amenable and genuinely the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Every conversation is positive and timely. I've been tutoring with Varsity for three years, and I couldn't recommend them more.
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