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The employees were very friendly and helpful, however management could have more respect when on the floor around customers. Swearing on the floor isn't classy and can make people uncomfortable. The atmosphere of the store was inviting, but the music played throughout included explicit lyrics and the store sells a majority of kids shoes, the amount of children that came in daily was excessive. The music was unnecessary.
This company is by far the best one that I have worked for. It's company culture really aims to award hard work by individual employees and stores in general. They also are exceptionally inclusive and open with the goals the company has in mind.
Vans is a great place for someone who's just starting out in the workforce. They have a good pay rate, work around your schedule, the job doesn't ask more of you than you can handle and not compensate and the focus of the brand's culture on youth promotes creativity and expression not just for the customers but for the employees as well.
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I like working here because of the laid back and friendly environment. All the staff working are super friendly and inclusive
Vans is an all-inclusive brand and company. I have loved my experience working here while in college. There are employees of all backgrounds.
Working for Vans is like nothing I've experienced before. From my very first day I was accepted and welcomed to the family at my location and the bonds I built have only been getting stronger. Founder involvement and corporate interest at the store level has really made a difference in how I feel about my retail job. Vans is much more than a shoe store, it's a family.
Vans cares about my growth as an employee and a person. Corporate members are also very cool to talk to and encouraging
My experience with Vans has been amazing over the years! The staff is so supportive, the team is passionate and motivated. Everyone looks out and cares for one another, along with getting the job done! The energy the staff and management brings into the store changes everyone’s mood! I love how the customers always comments on how upbeat everyone is and what a great experience they are having. The only thing I would change is having a bigger store and a bigger stock room. Other than that my job at Vans rocks!
The structure and communication in the company is phenomenal. I never question my job roles against someone else's. The culture of the company as a whole is bar none.
I enjoy working at vans it’s a fun and relaxed environment. If there were things I could change, it would be a stable schedule, benefits, more hours, and better pay.
Vans is a unique, fast-paced, and fun work environment to work at. This was my first retail job and did not know what to expect. After training and getting to know my coworkers, I quickly became a member of the "Vans Family". Vans has a special organizational culture that fosters high-performance and a family-like workspace that makes coming into work extremely enjoyable.
Vans is a organized company who takes care of their employees and wants to see them develops further in their careers whether it be with vans or outside of vans.
Vans is an excellent company that genuinely cares about each link of employment. They supply us all with generous incentives and excellent work packages. I have never worked for a better company in my five years of retail.
Working for Vans feels like you're stepping into a family. Everyone is included in everything. It feels like home and the manager makes sure that everyone feels comfortable in the workplace.
Everyone is AMAZING and so helpful and friendly! I have never work somewhere that was so inviting and resourceful. They really care about their employees and want them to succeed and move up in the company if that is what they want to do. They are all about being a family and that is very unique and cool.
The company is very good to work for, easy to move up, and the opportunities are great. It's a fun environment where you can be rewarded for your hard work. Very structured, and takes a lot of the guess work out that make other jobs in the same industry more unstable.
Vans is a great company to work for. They treat their employees very well and the discount for employees is even better. 50% off all things in the Vans store and online. This is a great starter job for anyone who wants to gain experience in the retail. There is also room to grow within the company if that is what the ideal goal is.
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