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Not all management is qualified for their position or seem to care about concerns. Pay is the lowest in the area for my profession and getting market increases is near impossible. Policies and procedures need to be updated and a better system for resolving conflict, problems and new ideas should be put into action at this facility. A more comprehensive orientation process is needed as well and people who are not qualified to be in certain areas, should not be.
Work place is challenging but rewarding. The managers and staff are excellent to work with/for. They encourage vacation/time off. They are very fair with the amount of days they give.
Vanderbilt is a great place to work. However the pay is not the best. If you take the opportunity you can learn a lot at Vanderbilt. There are a wide variety of people that work here and you get to learn about different cultures. I just wish that they would what the other hospitals around us do.
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In the clinic, it gives individuals experiences to expand in what type of work they would like to do in the near future. To gain this type of knowledge has helped take notice of what I would like to do. And also gives room to grow from a current position to a new position.
I been an employee here for over 10 years working on the same floor (Inpatient Medicine Unit). There is a lot to learn daily and the co-workers, staff and peers are excellent. Everyone helps everyone. This hospital is diverse and its a growing company as well as a teaching hospital. The entire Vanderbilt Team cares about their patient and patient families. The benefits that Vanderbilt offer is excellent and the pay is reasonable at some point. The hospital is nice and clean. The nutrition is better for patients diet, such as more healthier choices than before. Overall I think this is an excellent choice of a hospital.
Wonderful place to work. They really care about continuing education. I would like to see them stop forcing workers to only utilize their network of doctors and hospitals.
Vanderbilt takes pride in their work and wants their employees to succeed. They offer health coverage from day one, versus a 3 month waiting period.
I work with Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The opportunity to work with the best hospital, that is magnet, is a lifetime experience. They are a research hospital and have cutting edge technology; Vanderbilt has amazing benefits for their employees and learning opportunities as well.
Wonderful coworkers, and upper management is caring and compassionate! I have worked her for many years, and love that you can transfer and try different patient populations and fields. We love to help someone recover from an illness or injury and get back to feeling their old selves again. Compassionate healthcare workers are essential to a teaching hospital as we get patients from all backgrounds and demographics. Vanderbilt offers very generous vacation benefits, and health insurance premiums are relatively low.
Love the atmosphere and the patients. This is a very self rewarding job. You get to learn and experience new things. This place is awesome.
It's a great place to work. I love my co-workers and manager. It's challenging but rewarding taking care of patients. My managers encourage me to grow and welcome my feedback and ideas. You learn new things every day, and the opportunity for growth is almost unlimited.
I actually love the company I work for. They are so caring as long as you come to work and actually work.
At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we care. Having such passion and dedication for our patients has driven us to become better employees and better people in todays hectic world. The goal of VUMC has always been to ensure that patients have access to the best medical care possible, and because of that we as a company strive to do everything we can to help others in need. This along with many other great qualities is why VUMC is considered one of the best hospitals in the nation.
Vanderbilt is a great hospital with almost any medical specialty available. They are the 2nd largest employer in TN and offer an immense amount of resources to the community and to its employees. I love working for Vanderbilt because they are a not for profit hospital. We consistently take care of patients that have no other options due to finances or other constraints and despite that, they receive world-class healthcare.
I really enjoy being apart of the Vanderbilt family. It is a wonderful, friendly place to work. I am so glad I made the decision to work here. I learn something new everyday and it really helps in my studies.
I really enjoyed the people I worked with at Vanderbilt. The people were friendly and it was wonderful working with the patients. It is a high caliber hospital working at the top of its field. My boss was very nice while always pushing us to do our best because we were serving our patients.
I have worked here for 6 years. I appreciate the work/life balance while I am pursing my education. It is a very diverse company as far as employment. It would be nice if we were paid for our holidays and did not have to use our PTO. Tuition reimbursement has been modified so that you do not qualify if you are a recipient of any outside grants or scholarships. I hope to continue my career here once I graduate with my degree.
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Its very good because of the really kind women in the department that I am in,l which is Specialty Billing. The director in the upper management department that I am in is also very nice. The department works well together and works as a team. There isn't any deceptive practices that are being committed by anyone. We work together as a team and enjoy the unity that we have built.
I love working at Vanderbilt Medical Center. The team I work with is awesome, and I love coming to work. There is never a dull day. Vandy provides multiple benefits from healthcare and retirement matching to appreciation days; giving away food, gifts, and/or party time with co workers. There is always room for advancement in my job, and Vanderbilt has tuition assistance programs in place to help me grow academically and professionally.
I like that they are a practicing hospital and recognize degree and experience holding persons. Staff are always willing to help and educate!
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