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1161 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232
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Wonderful coworkers, and upper management is caring and compassionate! I have worked her for many years, and love that you can transfer and try different patient populations and fields. We love to help someone recover from an illness or injury and get back to feeling their old selves again. Compassionate healthcare workers are essential to a teaching hospital as we get patients from all backgrounds and demographics. Vanderbilt offers very generous vacation benefits, and health insurance premiums are relatively low.
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I been an employee here for over 10 years working on the same floor (Inpatient Medicine Unit). There is a lot to learn daily and the co-workers, staff and peers are excellent. Everyone helps everyone. This hospital is diverse and its a growing company as well as a teaching hospital. The entire Vanderbilt Team cares about their patient and patient families. The benefits that Vanderbilt offer is excellent and the pay is reasonable at some point. The hospital is nice and clean. The nutrition is better for patients diet, such as more healthier choices than before. Overall I think this is an excellent choice of a hospital.
Not all management is qualified for their position or seem to care about concerns. Pay is the lowest in the area for my profession and getting market increases is near impossible. Policies and procedures need to be updated and a better system for resolving conflict, problems and new ideas should be put into action at this facility. A more comprehensive orientation process is needed as well and people who are not qualified to be in certain areas, should not be.