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Haven't worked there very long but the hiring process was very detailed and helpful if not a little bureaucratic. Overall I look forward to working there!
A good company that tries to do right by employees and customers. Pay is above industry average. Company is focused on growing employee knowledge and skill and has a focus on promoting from within.
I really love the job, my coworkers, and the people that come through. It's a fun fulfilling job where I can get my hands dirty and easily move up in rank!
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I worked on the Valvoline Instant Oil Change side of the company. When I started, I loved it. The work was relatively painless, my team always had my back, and the benefits were good for the time. However, the work/life balance has become terrible, to the point where I go to sleep and I'm back at work in my dream every single night. The growth opportunities are so/so. I personally had a bad experience with it. I worked tirelessly for two years just to get to assistant manager, after the bar kept getting raised higher and higher. In that time, I watched people work half as hard and get twice as far.
When i first started here i was working at a fast food job which was alot more stressful. I feel alot better about working here. while it is still a big company i feel that we are cared about if we need time off for some reason we can have it. The hours are flexible and the people are friendly. Its a pretty good job while it can get a little hectic its more of all for one instead of everyone trying to do things on their own
You continue to grow and receive promotions. You constantly gain knowledge and become better at what you do. Everyday it’s the same thing so you can only get better
It was a good experience, taught me a lot about cars. Flexible with school hours and good paying. They helped me when I got stuck on a situation and were really helpful. Easy to understand the work. Quick with the raises as long as you do the work.
I was a customer service representative. Did part of the job of a technician changing oil and also greeting customers. I really liked how everyone knew what needed to be done. Manager was a lot of times under pressure and uptight which sometimes was uncomfortable. Also, dirty and smelly work. Pay was average, but couldn't see my self in a car service shop for the long term. Everyone was very kind and I absolutely do not regret it. Would absolutely go back if I needed a job.
My time with the company has been eye-opening. I had never worked with my hands before, and was worried that I might not be a good fit. However, the exemplary training program and patience of my manager have allowed me to discover a career that I now love. I only wish I had discovered this company when I was 15 years younger! Valvoline promotes from within, cares about its employees, and truly puts people first!
I absolutely love my job at Valvoline. They work with my school schedule and they have no problems with what hours that I am available to work!
Great place to learn the ropes to an Automotive Tech. But the company seems to work on their own terms within the walls.
Working for Valvoline has been a positive experience. The work atmosphere is friendly. Customers are satisfied and many are repeat customers. Generally there is nothing that is questionable about this service station, so I believe no charges would improve customer or employee satisfaction.
Come in with no experience working with working on cars and in just a few months you will have the basic knowledge of the maintenance of a vehicle. This company treats employees great offering competitive pay, 401k match, and health benefits.
The sky is the limit with Valvoline, you can move your way up from a top side tech to the store manager if you set it in your sights.
When I applied to Valvoline, I had the vision of getting a job to pay the bills. Now I look forward to my job because it is fun and the knowledge is endless!
I really enjoy working at Valvoline. I feel like I am part of a team, and I also feel like my company is truly interested in my personal development. I have a strong sense of accomplishment when I end my day.
It was really fun working here. The training was really organized and they have a specific way of doing things that I like. I liked that it was fast paced and that you could switch around what you were doing throughout the day.
I liked that the company cared about its employees. Opportunities for promotions within the company are given often. The pay is great even at the lowest position. Paid time off accumulated quickly. What I would like to see a change in is better uniforms for hot weather conditions
I like that the company really tried to help the employee be successful. Yes it does have its downfalls with non-helpful co workers but that will be everywhere you go. They do try to push for a career at Valvoline, which would be a great option for some people especially with the benefits and salary of management. The company is expanding exponentially, they consistently purchase other oil changing locations all over the United States. This gives employees more opportunities to experience Valvoline and what they want to achieve. People, Cars and Greatness.
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I like the fact that I am working in a field related to what I am continuing my education on. I like the challenge, I like the customers, I like being able to walk in and know that I am always up for something new. I would change the fact that it isn't known that our employer is supposed to offer some financial aid for furthering our knowledge in our field.
Great place learned a lot of new skills
And gained lifelong learning to take with me in the future I would recommend this job to any car lover
awesome job ! Valvoline Instant Oil Changes delivers a premium retail automotive experience by providing their customers with the very best preventive maintenance service available today. Their goal is to craft each customer experience to reflect their legendary history of greatness and innovation in the industry. At Valvoline Instant Oil Change we strive to live our vision and values by being fair and honest with their employees and customers, being great at what we do, recognizing and celebrating achievement, and making their jobs fun!
In your role as Auto Technician, you will be responsible for ensuring a world-class customer experience
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