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620 Shadow Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106
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Valley Hospital Medical Center Reviews

2 reviews
Valley Hospital is a good place to work. The patient population can be challenging but it provides for a good learning experience. There is good team work for the most part depending on what floor you work on. Management is involved, but sometimes it feels as though decisions are made based on money and not what is best for the employees and patients. The healthcare benefits are average and the pay is pretty average compared to other hospitals. Overall I would recommend working at Valley Hospital Medical Center.
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Working at Valley Hospital has been quite an experience for me. Throughout my three years of employment, I have developed professionally and personally. I have acquired a better skill for personal interaction and learned how to apply medical knowledge learned from work to my every day life such as practicing healthier eating habits. Overall, I have benefited greatly from having this opportunity despite overcoming certain obstacles. However, I look forward to applying prior knowledge learned from Valley Hospital to my future endeavors.