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Vallarta Supermarkets Reviews

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It is an okay place to work to say the least.
it's demanding but what job isnt, it isnt the worse job ive ever had but i can promise you it isnt the best . its not warm , its a cold place not temp cold but the environment if that makes any sense .
I love working for this company most of the time. I just hate how they put making money over their personal
My experience was quite alright. It was not the best but it was fun to experience. overall, Vallarta was a fun to place to work at but hopefully it gets more benefits for younger people and includes a variety of options. for example, I work in the bakery section so hopefully this skill helps me in reality to not just learn new skills but social skills. by suing these skills, I am able to communicate with others as well beside my own family.
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I like how everything is bright and colorful. Everyone knows each other and it feels like family as soon as you walk in.
The work environment is quite nice lots of nice people, management on the other hand needs a lot of work there is a lot of Nepotism that happens with people in a position of authority hire their family members and give them better pay really decreases moral
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