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I love the diversity of the company. The company was in a great organized work environment that allowed all of the employees the freedom to work at their own pace.
Being able to work as an intern at Valero for these past 2 summers has been very enjoyable. The people I worked with were amazing, my boss was not only fair but also fun, I got a ton of work experience now, and my paycheck was never disappointing. Valero is a great company, and I hope to come back to work for them again full-time once I've graduated from college.
I love working at Valero. It provides a stable job with a somewhat flexible work schedule. I have been working there for currently two and a half years and I do not have any complaints. I began working as an intern where I rotated every six months to a new department to learn something new. After a year and a half, I graduated and was hired on full time. They really pride themselves in keeping employees by keeping them happy.
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It is a family-like work environment. However, it is very fast-pased. If you like working with and around people, this is the job for you. If you have difficulties in/with crowds, you may want to re-think occupations.
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